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Introducing New Traditional Pop-Punk Act: The Post-Apocalyptics (free EP download)

If you’re a fan of traditional (I prefer the term “old school,” but many of you find that to be politically incorrect so I’ll refrain from using it) pop-punk with a hard edge, you’ll probably wanna check out Bright and Barrow records founder Ryan Raichilson’s new band The Post-Apocalyptics! I’d say they’re kinda somewhere between Chixdiggit and Face To Face in terms of their sound, but I’ll let you judge for yourself… And you can do so by heading over to their bandcamp and stream/download their debut EP for free!

The Scutches stream new album “Ten Songs, Ten Years”

Bright & Barrow released “Ten Songs, Ten Years,” from Long Island pop-punk outfit The Scutches yesterday and today you can stream it right here.

Fans of The Queers style pop-punk should not miss it.

The Scutches sign to Bright And Barrow Records, releasing new full-length “Ten Songs, Ten Years”

Bright & Barrow has welcomed The Scutches to its growing family of bands. The upstart label will release the Long Island, NY pop-punk outfit’s newest full-length, “Ten Songs, Ten Years,” on May 29th, 2012. The record will be available digitally and as a 12″ LP, with the latter being limited to 500 on orange vinyl.

You can stream the song “Don’t Go,” a new tune from the upcoming album here.

Stay tuned for more streaming songs from the album, as well as pre-order news in early May.

Bright and Barrow Records releasing comp for Parkinson’s research (Banquets, Masked Intruder, Direct Hit, etc)

Bright and Barrow Records owner Ryan Raichilson is raising money for Parkinson’s research by selling “No Parkin Sons” T-shirts that come with a 20+ song digital compilation album of bands such as Banquets, Masked Intruder, The New Rochelles, Candy Hearts, and Direct Hit! The record also contains unreleased / exclusive songs from a handful of bands such as Blk Galaga, Man on Fire, The Scutches, and The Last Chucks.  Check out the full track list here.

The bundle is only $15 and can be bought here.

Raichilson explained:

“My aunt Brenda was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about six years ago, and on April 28th she will be participating in the 2012 Parkinson’s Unity Walk, held in Central Park. Her goal is to raise $7,500 for the charity, and ALL proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go towards that goal. Her donation page can be viewed here.”

Goin’ Places announce new album “Relationship Sneakers”, stream 3 new songs

Staten Island pop-punk act Goin’ Places will be releasing their first new album in 10 years via Bright And Barrow Records this Valentine’s Day (that’s February 14th for you lonely hearts out there).  It’s called “Relationship Sneakers” and you can stream three tracks from the album on the band’s bandcamp page.

Recommended if you like The Queers, Screeching Weasel, etc.

Album Review: The New Rochelles – “It’s New”

Pop-punkers have always had a thing for brevity. The average Ramones song clocked in shy of the two minute mark; early Green Day and Blink-182 songs were much the same. New York’s The New Rochelles take that to an almost comic extreme on their new release, “It’s New.” The album, released on Bright and Barrow Records, consists of twelve songs and clocks in at a total of fourteen minutes and thirty-nine seconds. You read that right: twelve songs in under fifteen minutes.

Don’t interpret that critique as a negative. Despite feeling at times like some of the songs are almost over before they started, the songs as present are quite good. Twelve songs of tight, three- and four-chord Ramones-core pop-punk. The band are a three piece, and write the sort of Ramones’-influenced pop punk tunes that bands like the Queers and the Mr. T Experience have made a living on: short, high-energy bursts of pogo power with straightforward lyrics that occasionally sound like they were made up on the spot.

Like “Static Shock,” for example, which is about…wearing socks and walking on a carpeted floor, never knowing quite when the static shock will hit. It’s the kind of song that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn was written completely in the style of improve comedy: “we’ll come up with the three catchy chords and the pogo-inspiring rhythms, somebody throw out a subject matter.” “Tina’s Got A Toothache” is much the same. One can envision Ronnie Rochelle messing around with some chords in the bedroom when his little sister Tina comes home complaining of having a cavity. Not exactly Leonard Cohen material, but what do you want for pop punk?!

Some of the songs get a little more involved. “This Is My LJ” is one man’s ode to his leather jacket. How Ramonesy! “Did Something Bad” outlines exactly what would happen when Ronnie Rochelle would, for example, not say his prayers as a youngster (and sorta indicts his parents preferences for corporal punishment in the process). I’m not going to pretend that I know exactly what a “skunkape” is, but whatever; the song about it is as catchy as it is absurd, and Ronnie completely sells his warning to watch out for the proverbial beast (I’m assuming it’s a beast).

If you’re a fan of the Lookout! Sound from the early 90s, or of Ramones-style pop-punk in general, The New Rochelle’s “It’s New” is going to be right in your short, sweet, catchy-as-hell wheelhouse. While you’re listening to the album, read our exclusive interview with The New Rochelles from last month!

The New Rochelles release music video for “Quit Givin’ Me The Stinkeye”

New York Pop-Punkers, The New Rochelles have just premiered the new music video for their track “Quit Givin’ Me The Stinkeye.” Check it out right here!

The song comes off the band’s latest album “It’s New” which was released last August via Bright & Barrow Records.

DS Exclusive Interview: The New Rochelles discuss “It’s New!” Baseball and surviving a Skunk Ape encounter

The New Rochelles have been kicking around since the early 2000s however after a long hiatus and line-up change the band has been kicking on strong since 2010.  So strong in fact that they’ve recently released a new album, “It’s New,” on Bright and Barrow Records.

Hailing from New York, the band draws heavily on influences, the most obvious of those being The Ramones.  We spoke to Ronnie, Ricky and Rookie Rochelle about their new album, the cut down vinyl release, baseball and they also tell us how to survive an encounter with the illusive creature know as the Skunk Ape.  Check out the full interview here.

Interview by Joel Bramblia

Full album stream: The New Rochelles – “It’s New!”

New York Pop-Punkers, The New Rochelles, are streaming their upcoming album, “It’s New,” in it’s entirety and you can listen to it here.

“It’s New” is slated to release next week via Bright & Barrow Records.

The New Rochelles stream new song “Static Shock” off upcoming album “It’s New!”

Long Beach, NY’s “Ramones-core” pop-punk act, The New Rochelles, are streaming a brand new song called “Static Shock” right here.

The song will appear on the band’s debut album “It’s New!” slated for release on August 16th via Bright & Barrow Records.

The New Rochelles sign to Bright And Barrow Records to release debut album “It’s New!”

Bright & Barrow Records, the label responsible for last year’s noteworthy punk compilation, “Cause A Scene, Volume One,” has announced the signing of Long Beach, NY’s “Ramones-core” pop-punk act, The New Rochelles, and the upcoming release of their debut album, “It’s New!.”

The label describes the The New Rochelles as “everything a fan of The Ramones, Teenage Bottle Rocket, and Screeching Weasel could want in a young, new band: tons of hooks, down-stroked powerchords, and to-the-point mini-anthems about leather jackets, monsters, and getting into trouble, complete with some “1-2-3-4!”’s.”

“It’s New!” will be released this summer on vinyl and digitally via Bright & Barrow. Details and pressing info will be announced soon, but in the meantime the album’s first single, “This Is My LJ,” can be streamed here.