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We Did This Records streaming “Mixtape 2019” compilation album

South African underground punk label We Did This Records is streaming their new compilation album “Mixtape 2019”. Featuring 54 tracks, the album features mostly underground local artists, but does feature a few tracks from international acts that rolled through over the past year or two. Most notably the album boasts the track “Don’t Shoot” by Leftöver Crack.

You can check out the new compilation album below.

We Did This Records is a non-profit record label based out of South Africa.

We Did This Records streams “Mixtape 2017” Compilation

South African label We Did This Records have released a 53-song compilation album featuring South African underground bands, mostly of the punk variety, as well as 3 other international punk bands that the label has worked with.  Give it a listen below!

No Comply (skate punk, South Africa)

South African skate punkers No Comply are allowing fans to stream their debut EP. Released via We Did This Records, Howsit Skollie features three rapid, gritty numbers deeply rooted in that classic ’90s skate punk sound.

Check it out below.

We Did This Records offer free 2015 sampler

South African label We Did This Records have released a sampler compilation to commemorate the year 2015. Y0u can read a statement about the sampler and stream it below, or download it for whatever price you’d like to pay right here

Music Video: Sloppy Folk – “Fixed Dice”

South African folk-punk band Sloppy Folk have released a music video for the “plugged in” version of their song “Fixed Dice” and you can check it out right here. Its a pretty solid tune, for sure.

“Fixed Dice” was released on We Did This Records and you can stream download it for free on their bandcamp page.

South African folk-punk act Sloppy Folk release new single “Fixed Dice”

From the dirty streets of Jozi, South Africa comes a punk-folk act aptly named Sloppy Folk who have been playing the local South African scene for a bit over two years, encouraging other bands and folk to get involved with gorilla shows in parks and on street corners.

A couple days ago they released a “plugged in” version of their song “Fixed Dice” on We Did This Records which you can stream and/or download for free on their bandcamp page.

Free Album Download: Gross Misconduct – “Unforgiving Sky”

Here’s a new band for you to check out.  Gross Misconduct are a four-piece Progressive Melodic Punk Rock band hailing from the East Rand of Johannesburg, South Africa and their New 6 track album titled “Unforgiving Sky” has just been Released on We Did This Records.

You can stream or download it for free right here.

A South African punk label is born: We Did This Records

More evidence that the global punk scene is not quite dying.  Apparently there is a healthy amount of punk music coming out of South Africa, and the newly formed We Did This Records has formed to bring it to the rest of us.  Here’s a statement from the new label’s founder:

So i was getting pissed off that there is virtually no support for bands/musicians down here in South Africa unless you are a label whore and your music can advertise some product. There are some really good bands and musicians here who you probably wont find anything about on the net but bust their asses getting shows and putting out there own music.

So a few days ago i started “WE DID THIS” Records. It’s a DIY, not for profit record label and hopefully i will have the free time to regularly update the Bandcamp page with all the bands that are asking to be on it. So far we are only printing hard copies of records for distro at local shows but maybe in the near future i will be in one place long enough to set up a mail order system. But do people even buy cds anymore?

Regardless the music will be all up for free download and streaming from