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Simple Plan announce “No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls” 15 year anniversary tour w/ Set It Off & Seaway

Pop-punk veterans Simple Plan have announced a US tour to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of their album “No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls.” You can find dates and locations below.

For the tour Simple Plan will be playing the entire “No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls” album as well as an extended setlist. Florida pop-punks Set It Off and Canadian pop-punks Seaway will be supporting Simple Plan for the entire tour.

Album Review: Weezer – ‘Weezer’ (The White Album)

Of all the nonsense terms that are thrown around by bands and PR reps, “return to form” might be the least nonsensical one. It actually means something, and its definition is straightforward. But what about when it comes to Weezer? It could easily be argued that Weezer have always been at their best when they stray from their form (the overly confessional Pinkerton, Maladroit’s heavy riffing, or Everything Will Be Alright in the End’s epic thematic approach). It could just as easily be argued they’re also at their worst (the adult alternative / Lite.FM ready Make Believe, or whatever the hell Raditude was) when they break from the norm.

So what do we get from a return to form Weezer record? A pretty enjoyable pop record, it seems.

While not as ambitious or high-aiming as Everything Will Be Alright in the End, Weezer’s White Album follows the fun power-pop path laid out by the band’s other self-titled records and is mostly successful. In spite of the album sharing the same color scheme as a certain Beatles album, Weezer’s White Album takes a summer pop approach a la the Beach Boys (or, to use a more contemporary act, kind of like Best Coast). In a way, it’s very similar to Weezer’s 2001 self-titled effort (better known as the Green Album), as these songs feel like they need to be listened to with the wind blowing in your hair and the sun shining on your face.

At this point in time, most people have accepted that we’ll never get another Blue or Pinkerton, so of course the White Album is chock full of callbacks to their two most beloved albums. The guitars of “L.A. Girlz” and “Endless Bummer” are exactly the type of sound that made Blue so endearing (“L.A. Girlz” is much, much better than the title suggests, I promise), and there’s already been plenty said about “Do You Wanna Get High?” and its strong Pinkerton vibes- both in instrumentation and how personal the song gets. But what makes the White Album so good is that it never feels like they’re forcing themselves to recreate their old sounds- which is common for bands to do on “return to form” records. It all feels authentic and that the band is having fun again. Actually, I take back what I said in the previous paragraph- this is the type of self-titled album that the Green Album should have been.

Of course, what would a post-2000 Weezer album be without its faults? First single, and worst song of the bunch, “Thank God for Girls” is still enough to get stuck in your head, which only makes it worse once you find yourself singing the lyrics and realizing what you’re saying. To keep up the Green Album comparisons, it’s this album’s “Hash Pipe.” Then there’s “Jacked Up,” which is actually a pretty good song, but it feels out of place to have a piano-driven melody sung mostly in falsetto on an album full of BBQ-on-the-beach anthems. Cuomo has hinted that the band is already working on a follow up, which will allegedly be darker, and “Jacked Up” seems like a hint at what to expect.

It almost feels weird to say, but Everything Will Be Alright in the End has ushered in a new era where it’s okay to be excited for new Weezer music. The White Album is a good album, and it will likely wind up being your fourth or fifth favorite Weezer album, depending on how you feel about Maladroit.

4 / 5

RIYL: Best Coast, Beach Boys, The Rentals

J. Robbins announces acoustic tour

Former Jawbox singer J. Robbins has announced a short and rare run of acoustic dates. During the tour, Robbins will be joined by members of Robbins’ current band Office of Future Plans, and performing songs from his former bands (including Jawbox, Burning Airlines and Channels). The dates and locations are below.

Robbins recently released a new acoustic EP, Abandoned Mansions. You can check it out on his Bandcamp page.

Simple Plan streaming upcoming EP “Get Your Heart On – The Second Coming!”

Simple Plan will officially be releasing their new 7-song EP “Get Your Heart On – The Second Coming!” on December 3rd, but you can currently stream the whole thing over here.

The band released their latest album “Get Your Heart On” in June, 2011 through Atlantic Records.

Simple Plan aiming to release new album in early 2015

In a recent interview, Simple Plan announced they are aiming to release a new album sometime in early 2015:

“We already started working on it. It will intensify in September, we will dedicate ourselves 100% to the composition of the new songs. I have no idea how long it will take, but we will try to be in the studio maybe next spring. If we are realistic, we might release it around the beginning of 2015.

We really found that there was a balance on the last album between the more emotional tracks and the very fast pop punk songs, and they represented a good mix. I think for the next record, it will be a bit in the same vein.”

Even though you most-likely couldn’t care less about Simple Plan, we’ll keep you posted as more details on the album surface. The band released their latest album “Get Your Heart On” in June, 2011 through Atlantic Records.

Simple Plan to begin recording new songs in the fall

In a recent interviewSimple Plan guitarist Jeff Stinco announced the band’s plans to head back into the studio to record new songs for their next release (whether it will be an EP or a full-length is currently undetermined) in late September or early October.

Though you probably don’t give a damn, we’ll keep you posted as more details on the band’s next release surface. Simple Plan released their latest album “Get Your Heart On” in June, 2011 through Atlantic Records.

Simple Plan preparing new album

Simple Plan have announced that they are about to enter the studio to prepare work on their fifth studio album. Frontman Pierre Bouvier tweeted:

“Time to get my home studio up and running and start up on some new SP material!”

Simple Plan released their latest album, Get Your Heart On, in June 2011 via Atlantic Records.

Simple Plan Donate $20,000 to create jobs for Quebec youth

The Simple Plan Foundation, the official charity of the band of the same name, donated $20,000 to the Association des centres jeunesse du Québec (The Assosiation of Youth Centers in Quebec) to help create job opportunities for youth in the city.

Sébastien Lefebvre and Jeff Stinco said this to say about the issue:

“The transition to adulthood is not always easy for young people and can even be downright problematic for some of them. Not only young people in youth centers have experienced a particular path, but when they reach the age of 18, they have to take responsibility almost overnight, be self-reliant and take charge of their adult status. To accomplish this transition, which is especially demanding, they need support and, among others, to be given a ‘first opportunity’. We firmly believe that giving them a first job will facilitate their integration into society and especially contribute to value and to restore confidence in themselves and their future.”

Simple Plan released their latest album, Get Your Heart On, in June 2011 via Atlantic Records. Last April, they announced that they were going to work on a follow-up to that album.

Simple Plan release music video for “This Song Saved My Life”

Pop punk veteran act Simple Plan have released a new music video for their song “This Song Saved My Life.” The song appeared on 2011’s “Get Your Heart On”, so fans have been waiting a while for this one. Check it out here.

Simple Plan are currently working on a new EP, and have plans to write a new full length. Stay tuned for more news.

Simple Plan begin writing music for new EP

Simple Plan drummer Chuck Comeau stated in a recent interview that they have begun writing new music for their anticipated new EP, which was announced last year and is expected to be released sometime this year. He states:

“We’re actually gonna write some songs [this] week to try to add new songs. It might work, it might not work, but we’re gonna sit down and do like a two-week writing session to try to see if we can come up with another song or two songs for the project.”

Simple Plan released their latest album, Get Your Heart On, in June 2011 via Atlantic Records. Last April, they announced that they were going to work on a follow-up to that album.

Simple Plan perform “Summer Paradise” at The Big Jingle 2012

Canadian pop-punks Simple Plan took part in Toronto’s The Big Jingle concert earlier this month. Click here to check out the band’s performance of their track “Summer Paradise” from that very gig.
As you’ll notice, the clip also features the band warming up by singing “Little Drummer Boy” and “Silent Night.” Enjoy!

Simple Plan released their latest album, “Get Your Heart On,” in June 2011 via Atlantic Records.

Simple Plan to record new EP next month

Canadian pop-punks Simple Plan had previously announced plans to start recording a new album after the holidays at the end of this year. Now, it seems like they’ve moved the time frame up a tad.

The band recently caught up with Gold Coast, Australian radio station 102.9 – The Hot Tomato – for an interview in which they revealed plans to hit the studio next month (July) to begin work on a new EP. Click here to watch the whole chat.

Simple Plan’s last album, “Get Your Heart On!”, was released in June 2011 through Atlantic Records.

Watch an entire Simple Plan set from Germany

If you like Canadian pop-punkers Simple Plan and have 45 minutes to spare — or feel like slacking off at work — you can click here to watch their entire set from last night’s show in Kiel, Germany.

The band last released “Get Your Heart On!” last summer through Atlantic Records.  Just recently, the guys announced they will start working on a new album after the holidays. They’re currently touring Europe, and once they get back to this side of the Atlantic they’ll play some shows in Canada before heading down to Mexico. Check out all their upcoming shows here.

Tour: Simple Plan to hit Mexico this fall

Canadian pop-punkers Simple Plan are hitting the road for a few tour dates in Mexico in October.  You can check those out right here.

The band last released “Get Your Heart On!” last summer through Atlantic Records.  Just recently, the guys announced they will start working on a new album after the holidays.

Video: Simple Plan – Making Of “Summer Vacation”

Pop punk veterans Simple Plan have just released a behind the scenes video on the making of their latest music video for “Summer Paradise”.

Click here to check it out.

“Summer Paradise” was featured on Simple Plan’s latest record “Get Your Heart On!”, released through Atlantic Records on June 21, 2011.