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The Melvins release video for “Don’t Forget to Breathe”

Seattle legends The Melvins have released a video for one of their new songs “Don’t Forget to Breathe”, which can be viewed below below.

“Don’t Forget to Breathe” is taken from the band’s latest album Pinkus Abortion Technician, which was released yesterday (April 20th) via Ipepac Recordings.

Album Review: Melvins – “A Walk with Love and Death”

Preconceived notions are a funny thing. Let’s take the new Melvins record A Walk with Love and Death as a case study. When I saw that the Melvins had a new record, I took notice. My first encounter with the band was back in 1992 when Spin Magazine did an article on Grunge. I think they described the Melvins as “so heavy they solidify upon contact with air.” I was like, “I gotta check that out.” On vacation at the time in LA, I popped into a record store and proceeded to buy the only Melvins offering they had. 10 Songs. It rocked my world. I considered myself a fan ever since. I’ve seen them many times. I attended their performance of Houdini in its entirety solo as I couldn’t scare up anyone to go with me. I know the Melvins. Bullhead, Stoner Witch, Houdini, Ozma, Stag, Nude with Boots, (A) Senile Animal. I’ll tell anyone that asks, that for my money, the best rock and roll song ever written is Revolve. They continue to provide for those that prefer their punk rock with a heavy side of sludge. The last album of theirs that I had on heavy rotation was Hold it in. I mean come on!! How can you not embrace the product of ½ Melvins, ½ Butthole Surfers? It’s a whole mess of fun. So when I took a look at this new offering, A Walk with Love and Death, a few things came to mind. The cover art looked really cool, definitely a good start, it looked like Melvins for the 21st century. Next I checked the track listing. Interesting. Nine songs apparently inspired by (Death) and fourteen songs apparently inspired by (Love). Got it; A walk with Love and Death. The Melvins are taking a deep dive here into two broad and timeless concepts!! My mind: “ I like it!! The Death songs are going to be some of the heaviest gnarliest shit they’ve ever done. And the love stuff, maybe they’ll pull out something heartfelt, lilting, Buzz can make a guitar groan, chirp, and squeal, I want to know what Love sounds like through that goop filter. I can’t wait to hear it!! It will be the Melvins’ Magnum Opus!!”

Preconceived notions.

My hope that there was a beautiful symbiosis between Love and Death with the common denominator being The Melvins went up in flames on my very first listen. I was right about the fact that AWWLAD has two distinct sections; and they must be viewed as such; which will not be hard. Let’s tackle Death first. For all practical purposes, Death is the Melvins album. Death consists of 9 tracks, traditional offerings put forth as faithfully Melvins. Song one, Black Heath, proves an able opener; although I didn’t catch anything that suggested (Death). Sober-delic picks up where BH leaves off, looming soundscapes, extended noodlings, what you expect from the Melvins these days. SD pays off with a solid hook you can latch on to, and a vocal style that might remind die-hards of Stoner Witch or Houdini. For my money, this is the standout track on the album. Euthanasia slams the listener next and once again, the Melvins Faithful are rewarded with power chords, tribal beats, and a traditional Buzz vocal. What’s Wrong with You slams on the breaks and timewarps into 90s pop. Anna Waronker drops in to assist on vox. You might know her as the lead singer of that Dog, or as Steven McDonald’s (Melvins current bassist) wife. Edgar the Elephant and Flaming Creature rumble in next to little fanfare. Christ Hammer delivers some 70s harmonies and a cleaner crisper production that allows the Melvins to shine in a new light. Cactus Party is a jumpy little number featuring Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes. Cardboa Negro closes things out with a classic Melvins vibe that devolves into cacophony; a harbinger of what’s to come.

The love side. Full disclosure. This is the soundtrack for a movie by Jesse Niemenen called, oddly enough, “A Walk with Love and Death.” But don’t expect The Wall or The Soft Bulletin. There should be some kind of reward for anyone that listens to the entirety of Love without turning it off. Something I was close to doing many times, but I kept waiting for some smidgen of a song or anything indicating that the Melvins were involved in any way. There were few. I wanted to give a fair and unbiased account of the entire album, so it is for you, faithful reader, that I subjected myself to the maddening cacophony that is Love. The only way it would merit a second listen is if you are a masochist or a heavy drug user.

To sum it all up, if you stick with the (Death) tracks you have a solid Melvins record. No need to mess with the (Love) section. I give (Death) 3.5 stars. The inclusion of (Love) drags the overall rating down to 3. Draw your own philosophical conclusion.

3/5 Stars

The Melvins announce Australian tour with Redd Kross

Seattle legends The Melvins have announced a five-date Australian tour with Redd Kross. The tour will take place in November, and the tour’s dates and locations are below.

The Melvins just released a new album today, titled A Walk With Love & Death, via Ipepac Recordings.

New Music: The Melvins – “Christ Hammer”

Seattle legends The Melvins are streaming their brand new song “Christ Hammer”, and you can give it a listen below.

“Christ Hammer” is taken from the band’s upcoming album A Walk With Love & Death, which is due for release on July 7th Ipepac Recordings.

Isis release “Live VII 02​.​25​.​10”

The now defunct Bostonian noise merchants Isis have released “Live VII 02​.​25​.​10”. The 9 track, full-live-set album was recorded on the band’s last Australian Tour in 2010. The full length is out now on Ipecac Recordings.

You can have a listen below.

The Melvins in the studio

Although it’s only been six months since The Melvins released their last record Basses Loaded, the band shared an image from the studio on their Facebook page, with the caption simply saying “In the studio.” It is not known if it is another album or a different release, but we’ll keep you posted as more details come to light.

Released last June via Ipepac Recordings, Basses Loaded was the second Melvins album to be released this year. Last April, they released the collaboration album with Mike Kunka (godheadSilo, Enemymine), Three Men and a Baby, which was recorded way back in 1999.

Crystal Fairy (members of The Melvins, At The Drive-In, Le Butcherettes) stream new song “Chiseler”

Crystal Fairy is now streaming a brand new track off of their upcoming self-titled album called, “Chiseler.”

Now, in case you have not heard, Crystal Fairy is a supergroup with musicians from The Melvins (Buzz & Dale), At The Drive-In (Omar Rodríguez-López), and Le Butcherettes (Teri Gender Bender). The band has been slowly releasing new music leading up to the anticipated release of the full album. On the topic of the new song, Teri Gender Bender said:

It was so much fun to write this song with Buzz, Omar and Dale. It literally just came out like a flying saucer while we were working the parts out for Chiseler. That same day we recorded everything. It was so impressive to see how well we all experiment with one another. While writing the lyrics for this one, I completely let my hand do the story telling… the unconscious is sometimes wiser than our premeditated thoughts.

You can listen to the new song here.

The album is officially scheduled for release on February 24th through Ipecac Recordings.

The Melvins release new music video for “Hideous Woman”

The Melvins are one of those sludgy chilled out acts that is impossible to ignore, and their new music video for “Hideous Woman” is just the right mix of sludgy and out there. You can watch the video below, as well as find dates for their late summer/early fall tour.

“Hideous Woman” was featured on their 2016 release, Bassess Loaded, released via Ipecac Recordings.

The Melvins announce vinyl reissues of “Houdini”, “Stoner Witch” and “Stag”

Seattle legends The Melvins have announced they will release vinyl reissues of their Atlantic Records-era albums — Houdini (1993), Stoner Witch (1994) and Stag (1996) — this Friday (June 24th) on various color variants via Jack White’s Third Man Records. They will also be released on black vinyl, and you can pre-order the reissues here, and watch a trailer below.

The Melvins last released two albums this year. Last April, they released the collaboration album with Mike Kunka (godheadSilo, Enemymine), Three Men and a Baby (which was originally recorded in 1999), and earlier this month, they released Basses Loaded.

The Melvins announce summer tour, stream cover of The Beatles’ “I Want to Tell You”

In support of their upcoming album Basses LoadedThe Melvins will spend much of August and September of this year on tour. The dates and locations are below, along with their cover of The Beatles’ “I Want to Tell You”, which is taken from the new record.

Due for release on June 3rd via Ipepac Recordings, Basses Loaded is the second Melvins album to be released this year. Last month, they released the collaboration album with Mike Kunka (godheadSilo, Enemymine), Three Men and a Baby, which was recorded way back in 1999.

The Melvins to release another album this year

Seattle legends The Melvins are releasing not one but two new albums this year. Their second album for this year is called Basses Loaded, and it will be released on June 3rd, 2016 via Ipepac Recordings, just two months after Three Men and a Baby. The album features different bassists on separate tracks, including Nirvana‘s Krist Novoselic, Redd Kross‘ Steve McDonald, Butthole Surfers’ J.D. Pinkus, Big Business’ Jared Warren, Mr. Bungle/Fantomas’ Trevor Dunn (aka Melvins Lite) and the Melvins drummer Dale Crover.

Along with the track listing, you can check out the album’s new single “Hideous Woman”, which features Steve McDonald on bass, below.

The Melvins’ most recent studio album, Hold It In, was released on October 14th, 2014 through Ipepac Recordings.

The Melvins stream new song, “Limited Teeth”

Seattle legends The Melvins have released a new song off of their upcoming album, Three Men and a Baby.  You can listen to “Limited Teeth” below.

Three Men and a Baby, which was recorded way back in 1999, is due for release on April 1st through Sub Pop Records, and is the long-awaited collaboration with Mike Kunka (godheadSilo, Enemymine).  The Melvins’ last studio album, Hold It In, was released in October of 2014 through Ipepac Recordings.

Steven McDonald to tour and record with The Melvins

Seattle legends The Melvins have announced that Steven McDonald of OFF! and Redd Kross will be handling bass duties on their upcoming tour with Napalm Death and Melt Banana, which was announced yesterday. In addition, the band announced that they selling a new 10-inch record on the tour called War Pussy, which includes already-recorded material with McDonald.

The Melvins’ last studio album, Hold It In, was released October 14th, 2014 through Ipepac Recordings.

The Melvins and Napalm Death announce Spring 2016 tour dates

Good news for fans of Seattle legends The Melvins and/or UK grindcore vets Napalm Death (whom the Melvins’ King Buzzo says sound like “a gorilla on LSD firing a machine gun” and I don’t know what that means but I think it’s awesome); the two bands are heading out on a six week tour next Spring!

Entitled the Savage Imperial Death March Tour, the jaunt kicks off March 26th in Phoenix and runs through May 7th and 8th in Los Angeles; all dates will feature support from Tokyo noise rockers Melt Banana. Check out the full rundown below.

The Melvins’ last studio album, Hold It In, was released October 14th, 2014 through Ipepac Recordings. They released a reissue of their 2001 album Electroretard on June 2nd. Napalm Death, meanwhile, released “Apex Predator – Easy Meat,” on January 27th, 2015, through Century Media Records.

The Melvins announce late Summer Western US tour dates

Seattle legends The Melvins have tacked a handful of brand new tour dates on to what was already slated to be a busy summer. After wrapping up a two-month tour of most of the US, the band will take a few weeks off before hitting the road again, running from Southern California to British Columbia. Check out their full updated rundown below.

The band’s last studio album, Hold It In, was released October 14th, 2014 through Ipepac Recordings. They released a reissue of their 2001 album Electroretard on June 2nd.