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Boy Afraid (hardcore) stream new EP “Holding Up A Wall”

Toronto Canada/Dundee Scotland based hardcore project Boy Afraid are streaming their new EP Holding Up A Wall.

You can give it a listen below.

Holding Up A Wall was released on April 20th, 2018 via My Fingers! My Brain! Records.

DS Exclusive: Jon Creeden and the Flying Hellfish premiere new video for “Nailbiter”

Ottawa’s own Jon Creeden & the Flying Hellfish have premiered the video for “Nailbiter,” off their new LP “Stall,” released via My Fingers! My Brain! Records, Maps and Continents Records, and Dead Broke Rekerds.

The digital version of the album is already available at bandcamp, and is an absolute steal at pay-what-you-can. I hadn’t even finished the third song when I decided to buy it. If you’d prefer to get a physical copy, you can check out Jon’s IndieGoGo page to get it on CD or vinyl.

The official album release show will be Friday, April 6th at House of TARG in Ottawa.

You can check out the video for “Nailbiter” below!

Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish (Canada, punk) stream demo “Summer in October”

Ottawa-based Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish are allowing fans to stream their latest demo, Summer in October. The release features four track – two covers and two originals, and has been made public by the good folks at My Fingers! My Brain Records. The demo comes ahead of the band’s 2017 appearance at Gainesville’s “The Fest” on the Friday at 2:20pm in Mother’s Pub. One of the tracks will also feature on a soon-to-be-released LP due out in Spring 2018.

Check out Summer in October below.

Plan 37 stream new album “Say Goodbye”

Toronto punk outfit Plan 37 are streaming their newest album Say Goodbye.

You can check it out below.

Say Goodbye was released on September 8th via My Fingers! My Brain! Records.

Mansbridge stream new album, announce tour dates

Montreal based punk rock group Mansbridge are streaming their new album Juxtapose in its entirety.

You can give it a listen below.  And while you’re there, you can also check out the bands’ upcoming tour dates.

Juxtapose was released on August 18th via My Fingers! My Brain! Records and Maps & Continents Records.

DS Exclusive: Mansbridge (Pop Punk) Premieres “Cheese Is Wasted on The Rich” From Upcoming LP

Last time we heard from Montreal based pop punkers, Manbridge it was late 2016 when they were featured on The Rebel Spell tribute album Rebels Sing. Now, just a few short months later, the quartet is back with new music! Their ten track, debut LP Juxtapose is out on August 18th via My Fingers! My Brain! Records and Maps & Continents Records but we know you don’t want to wait that long. Knowing that they would be bound by the strict International Hospitality Laws enforced by their oppressive, dictatorial government, we demanded…errr… politely asked the boys to send us a track to stream, exclusively for Dying Scene readers! And whaddayaknow, they obliged! Give the single “Cheese is Wasted on the Rich” a listen below, then in a few weeks, remember to reward their good (albeit, coerced) behavior by buying a copy of the album.

Album Review: School Damage – “Battered Lives”

There’s always a lot of debate regarding pop punk. Some say it’s punk rock with pop melody, others say it’s pop music, plain and simple. No matter which fork in the road you take, it’s in a constant cycle of revival. In the khaki-short mainstream, we’re defending pop punk. And in the ragged-edges of our jorts punk scene, we’re kind of doing the same thing.

We coin bullshit like ‘ramonescore’ so we don’t debase ourselves with words like ‘pop,’ but it’s no secret we love our music fast and catchy. Whatever you choose to call it, there’s music that is focused on looking back to the Descendents, Screeching Weasel, and the Queers. One of the latest to join the league are Toronto’s School Damage with their album Battered Lives.

Now, if we’re really tearing shit apart– how does a doubling-down on 90s pop punk differ from other pop punk bands (because splitting hairs is fun)? Well, the first thing that comes to mind while listening to Battered Lives is that the whole thing is very fast. This is a speedy little record, where the lyrics come so fast there’s little room to sing, let alone sustain notes. But while the band shares a bunch of similarities with the Lookout-era, it also has a decidedly modern spin lyrically. Much like Dillinger Four and Off With Their Heads, School Damage delve into adult angst. One of their best melodies accompanies the lyrics, “It’s fucked up, it’s over, you’ll never get your closure.” It’s a directive that cuts like a friend running down a list of your worst flaws.

Other lyrics look outward and perform well in their attack, as in “Finding Love in the Creepiest Places” where the narrator sings, “This situation’s got the best of me/ No one will fuck you quite as good as me.” In a way, it subverts some of the passive sexism of the old days of pop punk by singing the song through the eyes of an abusive spouse. In a different time and place, that lyric could’ve been the raised fist anthem of summer-clad punk teenagers anywhere, and the perspective would have been a scorned lover.

Battered Lives has a lot of the same problems that albums of its ilk share and the biggest is sonic diversity. School Damage largely play each and every song in a pretty similar style, and while some of the songs have enough head-turning lines to make it worth remembering a couple song titles, the rest blurs into a wash of power chords and short, punchy, snarled melodies. And even then, as is the case of “Detroit Rock Shitty,” the hook is repeated from a previous song. At best, this was a failed attempt at a leitmotif. At worst, lazy songwriting.

School Damage bring a decent amount to the table though, in terms of continuing the tradition of pop punk and at the end of the day. Battered Lives has some strong lyricism and a refreshingly fast pool of influences to draw on, but the same things that give them their loglines also give them their criticisms. The songs bleed into one another, and the vocal style, as it did with its progenitors, limit the songs dynamism. Still, Battered Lives is some fun summer pop punk with enough angst to make you feel adult while listening to it.


School Damage stream upcoming album “Battered Lives”

Toronto punk rockers School Damage are now streaming their upcoming debut album entitled Battered Lives in its entirety.

You can check it out below.

The album is scheduled for release this coming May and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp. School Damage last released an EP called Straight D’s in 2014.

Mansbridge stream self-titled EP

Montreal based punk rock group Mansbridge have released a stream of their self-titled EP. You can check it out below.

Mansbridge released the Mansbridge EP on November 18, 2015. 

Free Music: Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish – Demo EP

Canadian folk punk artist Jon Creeden has just released a new demo EP with his band The Flying Hellfish. Listen to and download the EP for free/name your price below.

The six-track EP features electric versions of two songs, as well as four brand new tracks.

Creeden will play several sets over the next few days at Pre-Fest and FEST14 down in Florida. Check out the locations and times for those sets below the music.

Jon Creeden last released a single, Last Call, in May 2015. His previous release with The Flying Hellfish was a December 2014 split with Cory Levesque.

School Damage (punk) debut new music video – “You’ll Shoot Yer Eye Out”

Toronto punks School Damage are debuting a music video for their new song “You’ll Shot Yer Eye Out”. Watch it below.

The song is off the band’s upcoming debut full-length album, Battered Lives, which is due out early next year.

School Damage released their latest 7-inch, Get Weird, in August of 2014 via My Fingers! My Brain! Records.

New band alert: Mansbridge (punk, members of Farler’s Fury) – “Don’t Shake My Hand”

Montreal based punk rock group Mansbridge, featuring members of Farler’s Fury (My Fingers! My Brain! Records), have decided to break into the scene and are making their debut with a loud, fast, and angry anthem called “Don’t Shake My Hand”. You can take a look at the panorama styled video below.

Plan 37 stream new EP

Plan 37 are streaming their new EP, Space Junk. You can check it out here.

Plan 37 will release Space Junk on June 18, 2015 through My Fingers! My Brain! Records.

Plan 37 announce new EP “Space Junk,” stream new song “Arthur Ellis”

Toronto punk act Plan 37 have announced that they will be releasing their upcoming EP, Space Junk, on June 18th through My Fingers! My Brain! Records. Check out the cover art to the left and the tracklisting below.

The band is also streaming the first track off the album, titled “Arthur Ellis.” Hear the song below.

Plan 37 last released Exercise & Communication double feature back in 2013.

Brutal Youth update European tour dates

Canadian punks Brutal Youth have updated their list European tour dates.

You can check  out the dates and locations below.

The band’s new 5-song EP “Bottoming Out” is set to be released on February 24th through Paper + Plastick. It will be their first release featuring new drummer Tim O’Hara (also of The Lillingtons and Stabbed In Back).