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New Video: Bryan McPherson – “Ghost of My Hometown”

Boston, Massachusetts native son Bryan McPherson has unveiled a new video, and this one is near and dear to our hearts for a few reasons. It’s for a track called “Ghost of My Hometown,” and it was filmed in and around McPherson’s old Dorchester neighborhood by none other than yours truly! McPherson and I caught up a couple months back before he made his annual migration to California and filmed guerrilla-style over the course of a couple of weekends. Check out the end product here!

“Ghost of My Hometown” appears on McPherson’s upcoming crowd-funded full-length, Kings Corner, which is due out imminently on McPherson’s own OFD Records.

Stolen Wheelchairs (punk, Philadelphia) announce new EP “Out Of Steps”

Philadelphia hardcore punk act Stolen Wheelchairs have announced their new EP, Out Of Steps, which is set to be released on March 8th via State Line Records.

To give you an idea of what to expect, the band is streaming “Breaking Down” and “Vandalism.”  You can give those songs a listen below.

Stolen Wheelchairs last released Basement Demos in November 2016.

New Music: Michael Kane – “Live At The Tavern At The End Of The World”

When we normally run into Michael Kane in these parts, it’s serving as frontman of his great, Worcester, Massachusetts-based band Michael Kane and the Morning Afters, whom you’ve probably read about on these pages. However, Kane’s a pretty formidable solo performer as well. As proof, he self-produced a live album consisting of acoustic, gritty renditions of a few MK & the Morning Afters tracks, a couple covers, and even some new material. It was recorded a couple months back at the Tavern At The End Of The World in Charlestown, MA, and you can check it out below.

Michael Kane and the Morning Afters’ last studio album, “Laughing At The Shape I’m In,” was released back in 2017 on State Line Records.

Bryan McPherson Launches Kickstarter for New Album, “Kings Corner”

Dorchester, Massachusetts, native Bryan McPherson has spent the better part of the last couple decades touring the country and producing solo music that brilliantly melds traditional folk-influenced storytelling with an aggressive, punk rock playing style and work ethic. After moving to California and touring relentlessly across the country and back over the course of the last couple of years in support of his last full-length, 2015’s stellar – and criminally underrated – Wedgewood, McPherson returned home to his native Massachusetts to woodshed material for a new album.

When he got here and saw first-hand the devastating impact that the opioid epidemic of the last several years has had on his hometown, McPherson changed his mind. He decided to go back into his own personal archive to rework old tracks that never really saw the light of day commercially. Many of the songs were written when McPherson himself was in the throes of his own issues with substance use. Now sober for years, McPherson retooled the old material, approaching it from a person with an extra decade-and-a-half of lived experience. The result is Kings Corner, named after the Dorchester street corner that McPherson and his friends used to hang out on (and, coincidentally, a solid fly ball from my own old apartment).

McPherson has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help Kings Corner see the light of day. Head here to check out the unique pledge options!


Art Thieves stream new album “Russian Rats”

Massachusetts-based punks Art Thieves are now streaming their brand new album “Russian Rats” off of State Line Records who also hail from MA, to keep the home-state love rolling.

Art Thieves last released their 2015 album “For Free!”

Check out the new digs below.

New Music: Michael Kane and the Morning Afters cover Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run”

So while we were out and about on our Sunday errands, we completely forgot that The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, turned 69 (nice!) yesterday! To honor the special occasion, Massachusetts-based rock-n-roller’s Michael Kane & The Morning Afters recorded and released a cover of Springsteen’s career-defining “Born To Run.” Stream it below!

Michael Kane & The Morning Afters’ last studio album, “Laughing At The Shape I’m In,” was released last year on State Line Records.

New Video: Art Thieves – “DIY USA”

Massachusetts-based punks Art Thieves put out a goddamn awesome album, Russian Rats, today. They’ve also put out a video for the track “DIY USA” today, and you can check that out below.

Russian Rats, which, as I’ve said is goddamn awesome, hit streets today (September 14th) via equally Massachusetts-based State Line Records. Pick up your very own copy here!

DS Exclusive: Art Thieves (Boston, MA) stream “The Untouchables”

For fans of Ducky Boys and Old 97s, Boston punkers, Art Thieves premier a passionate new anthem for the next generation of brick throwers. Here is a near-month-early exclusive of “The Untouchables” off the new album Russian Rats which releases September 14, 2018 on State Line Records, home to Ducky Boys. You can pre-order Russian Rats here.

“The Untouchables” is a call to action in resolve, and a plea for justice for those who deserve it.  A working-class mantra for anyone fed up with patriarchal discrimination and subsequent exploitation of not only our mothers and sisters but the subservient masses as a whole, “Middle fingers up. Let’s fuck this government the way they fucked us up. This generation is untouchable.” Go ahead and sing along with the hook… Gen X’ers in the back, included. We get the feeling this songs’s meant for all the punks, with its intimate, small-venue quality, and the welcoming atmosphere of a smoke-stained old bar-room. Slap it on the jukebox and crank it up!

Of the new record the band says, “This moment feels important, and important moments should have a soundtrack. A good one, though. One that sounds like some good punk shit that couldn’t quite crack the mainstream in the 80’s.” Russian Rats will be Art Thieves’ first release since their 2015 debut, For Free!, which, impressive in it’s own right is streaming here with a few other teaser tracks off the new LP, and sounds as if the band has honed their sound quite a bit. No longer relying on the extra instrumentation of the saxophone and organ present on their last album, the songs of Russian Rats gravitate towards a more broken down rock and roll texture of grinding bass lines and pick slides taking preference over tracks laden down with layers on top of layers, good for grabbing your friend in a headlock and trodding around, fists raised up, in a sea of bodies.

Hear “The Untouchables” here first, below.

DS Photo Gallery: Bryan McPherson, The Radiator Rattlers and Nick The Barbarian (Nashua, NH)

Hard-working protest punk troubadour Bryan McPherson spent the better part of December touring eastward from his adopted homeland of California to his original homeland of Boston, Massachusetts, and he’s spent the better part of the past few weeks headed back to the West Coast. Early on the post-inauguration leg of the tour, he rolled through The Thirsty Turtle in yours truly’s original hometown of Nashua, New Hampshire. It probably goes without saying that the present administration is going to require — and inspire — a great deal of fiery protest literature and music and art. McPherson has been a thorn in the side of the status quo for many years now (you may recall his being banned from performing at Disney-owned locations a couple years back while opening for Dropkick Murphys), though his words take on added gravity now.

On the morning of this particular show, women (and the men and children who love them) took to the streets in overwhelming numbers (including an estimated 175,000 in nearby Boston) to protest the policies of the sexist, racist Cheeto-In-Chief, making the firebrand McPherson’s performance a perfect bookend. With little fanfare amidst an intimate but attentive crowd, McPherson ripped through a set comprised mostly of tracks from his last couple full-length albums, 2015’s Wedgewood and 2012’s American Boy, American Girl.

The Radiator Rattlers

Direct support was provided on this night by The Radiator Rattlers, a “cow-punk rock and roll” band from Haverhill, Massachusetts. The raucous seven-piece wasted little time between songs, instead blazing through a high-energy set forty-five-ish minute set that closed with a rather spontaneous, crowd-inspired cover of the Fear classic “I Love Living In The City.”

Nick The Barbarian

Nashua-based tattoo-artist-turned-one-man-band Nick The Barbarian played his typical booze-fueled set of songs about songs about ass-kicking debauchery and murdering the Westboro Baptist Church. His set is a lot of fun, although there was roughly an hour between show-opener Berten Lee’s finger-picked folk punk set and that of the Barbarian, all-but killing whatever sort of momentum had been building for the five-act show (a Massachusetts-based acoustic duo called Hometown Eulogy also played, and though they’re enjoyable, they’re more along the lines of Woodstock-era folk and not included in this particular story), though the Rattlers and McPherson certainly brought the intensity back late in the evening.

Check out the full photo galley below.


Stray Bullets, Duck and Cover, The Warning Shots and Blood Stained Brindle stream four way split “They Came From Boston – Vol. 1”

Stray Bullets, Duck and Cover, The Warning Shots and Blood Strained Brindle have teamed up to release a mini compilation/four way split They Came From Boston, Vol. 1. Each of the bands have contributed three tracks to the release and you can listen to the whole thing below. Enjoy!

They Came From Boston, Vol. 1 was officially released via State Line Records and you can snag yourself the LP version right here.

State Line Records releases “They Came From Boston Volume 1”

Boston’s State Line Records has released a 12-track compilation called They Came from Boston, Volume 1.  The comp features three tracks each from 4 Boston-based bands: Stray Bullets, The Warning ShotsDuck & Cover and  oi! band Blood Stained Brindle.  You can stream it below.

State Line Records is owned by The Warning Shots’ singer Mark Lind, who you also know as the bassist/vocalist of Boston punk band The Ducky Boys.  Stray Bullets most recently released Ghost Town Rockers on our very own Dying Scene Records.  You can find Blood Stained Brindle’s debut Red Shield EP here, and you can check out Duck & Cover’s discography here.

If you like what you hear on the comp, you can download a copy or purchase a hardcopy vinyl here.  Hopefully the fact that this is listed as Volume 1 means that there’s more comps to come from this label.

The Warning Shots stream new song “Closer, Closer” off upcoming album, Tonight!

Boston punk band The Warning Shots are streaming a brand new single off of their upcoming album, Tonight!. The song is called “Closer, Closer” and it is currently up for free streaming on the band’s Bandcamp page. You can check it out below.

The full album is scheduled for release sometime in early 2017, so stay tuned for the details.

Bryan McPherson announces open-ended tour of US and Canada

For the bulk of the month of December, Boston native, California-based singer/songwriter Bryan McPherson will be working his way eastward from his current home to his birthplace just in time for the holidays (featuring what should be a pretty epic hometown New Year’s Eve throwdown). From there, he’ll spend much of January and early February on the road in Canada and the northeastern portion of the US before working his way down to the Carolinas. Check out details of the open-ended tour below; chances are, he’s coming your way!

Yours truly has been somewhat shamelessly plugging the great McPherson whenever he gets the chance, and still finds McPherson’s latest (and undeniably greatest) album, “Wedgewood,” to be truly stellar. “Wedgewood” was self-released on McPherson’s OFD Records last year; stream/buy it here.

The Warning Shots stream new song “Something Going On”

Boston-area punks The Warning Shots are streaming a new song called “Something Going On.”

You can check it out below.

“Something Going On” comes from an upcoming split 7″ that the band will be announcing more details on soon.  The band is gearing up to release a bunch of new vinyl, including splits, a repressing of their first two EPs, and their newest full length LP.  So stay tuned for more info on these releases as they come.

State Line Records to release Ducky Boys “Dark Days” and The Pinkerton Thugs “The End Of An Era” on vinyl

If we’re all on the same page here (and I take it that we are), we can all agree that the mid-to-late 1990’s were the Golden Age of street punk in the greater Boston area. (Okay, maybe a strong Silver Age at worst.) Two of that Age’s quintessential albums are finally making their way to vinyl for the very first time, thanks to our friends (friend?) at State Line Records.

As the cover photo indicates, one of those releases is “Dark Days,” the sophomore album from The Ducky Boys, initially released in 1998 on GMM Records. The other release is none-other than “The End Of An Era” from Ducky Boys’ friends and frequent collaborators The Pinkerton Thugs (who I guess were technically from southern Maine, but that still counts as greater Boston for purposes of this writing). “The End Of An Era” was initially released on Go-Kart Records in mid-2000, more than a year after it was recorded (and a few months after the band first broke up).

Both albums are in the process of being mastered for vinyl as we speak. Stay tuned for more release information (including pre-order details) as it becomes available. In the meantime, refresh your Ducky Boys/Pinkerton Thugs memories below!