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Stream Hard Girls’ new album ‘Floating Now’ in full

After their amazing 2014 release ‘A Thousand Surfaces’, new Hard Girls stuff has been very high on our ‘to look forward to’ list. Happy faces all over because the San Jose based three piece is finally streaming its long-awaited new full length. ‘Floating Now’ won’t be out until this Friday (10/6) via Asian Man Records, but the whole thing is already up for listening right here.

If you like what you hear you should also definitely have a look below to see if Hard Girls are playing your city any time soon.

Episode 54 – FEST 15 EDITION: Officer Bradford, Kevin Higuchi, Shaun Colón, Garrett Wadford, Gavin McInness, Copstabber | Dying Scene Radio

This week on Dying Scene RadioElena Venetia and pal, Patrick Rogers, join Bobby Pickles and cohort, Piazza, on this FEST 15 EDITION feat. interviews w/ Officer Bradford (Masked Intruder), Shaun Colón (A Fat Wreck), Kevin Higuchi (Antarctigo Vespucci), & Garrett Wadford (Bird Attack Records). Pickles and Piazza also touch base w/ Copstabber Dave of the filthy DC punk act, COPSTABBER, about CS’s new record “Pulled Pork” available now on iTunes and a slew of other places. Plus, Pickles speaks with Gavin McInnes (CoFounder/Vice) about politics in punk.

Crass – Dont Get Caught (1984)
Copstabber – I Love Being a Scumbag
Splitters – Can of Gasoline
F.O.D – Crew You
Interview w/ Officer Bradford
Fastloud – Waiting for the Explosion
Colorsfade – I4NI
Sum 41 – God Save Us All (Death to Pop)
The Flatliners – Hang My Head
Interview w/ Shaun Colón
Hi-Standard – Another Starting Line
Fat By The Gallon – Shit List
Dropkick Murphy’s – Blood
Stellar West – Misery
The Brass Action – Old Friend (Rancid Cover)
Interview w/ Kevin Higuchi
The Mercenaries – Night Call
North Alone – Capo 4th Fret (exclusive Bonus Track)
Fiddlers Green – Down
Just Friends – Sad 2 See
GUTTERMOUTH – Mail Order Bride
Interview w/ Garrett Wadford
Whole Wheat Bread – Eye for an Eye
Drakulas – Neon Town
Dead to Me – I Wanna Die in Los Angeles


Hard Girls streaming new track “Guadalupe On The Banks Of The Styx”; prepare for tour with Jeff Rosenstock

San Jose indie-punk act Hard Girls are streaming a new track entitled “Guadalupe On The Banks Of The Styx”, which you can check out below.

The song comes from the band’s upcoming full-length, which is due out early 2017.

Additionally, Hard Girls will be heading out on tour with Jeff Rosenstock – dates and locations of which can be seen below.

Hard Girls last released “A Thousand Surfaces” on June 24, 2014 through Asian Man Records and is the follow-up to their debut album, “Isn’t it Worse”, which came out in October 2012 via Really Records.

Hard Girls streaming new track “Dulcet Tones”; new album in the works

San Jose indie-punk act Hard Girls are streaming the title track from their new digital EP “Dulcet Tones” and you can have a listen here.

The 3-track work comes to us from Jeff Rosenstock’s Quote Unquote Records, and will precede a new album coming out later this year.

Hard Girls released “A Thousand Surfaces” on June 24, 2014 via Asian Man Records. It is the follow-up to their debut album, “Isn’t it Worse”, which came out in October 2012 via Really Records.

DS Staff Picks – Ben’s Top Ten Albums of 2015

I write reviews and features for Dying Scene when I’m able to (which isn’t often). I put a Christmas album on my top 10. I won’t apologize for it.

You can find my list below.

Album Review: Antarctigo Vespucci – “Leavin’ La Vida Loca”

Is there anything better when two best friends make music together? It’s hard to argue against that in the case of Jeff Rosenstock and Chris Farren and their musical ode to their friendship, Antarctigo Vespucci. The duo dropped a pair of EPs in 2014 that complimented each other well, showcasing some seriously infectious power pop. Now the two have released their debut album, Leavin’ La Vida Loca, a less explosive venture, and one that explores the other side of the coin that is Antarctigo Vespucci.

The title and artwork spell out everything you need to know: Leavin’ La Vida Loca isn’t an action-packed popcorn blockbuster. This is a lazy, chill summertime album, finding the joys in taking it easy. It’s probably best enjoyed while in the comfort of an air conditioned apartment, though in a pinch having open windows with a breeze is an acceptable substitution. The guys are still interested in writing powerful pop jams however Leavin’ La Vida Loca is more interested in dreamy guitars; The energy and hooks are in place, for sure, but they’re subdued in comparison to what came before.

At only 25 minutes, Leavin’ La Vida Loca is still a rush, even with its beach-ier (is that a real way to describe music now?) vibes. Farren and Rosenstock could have easily churned out 10 variations of “I’m Giving Up on U2” or “I Drew You Once in Art Class” and called it a day, but instead they took it one step further. These two are masters at melding highly catching songs with a laid-back attitude, and Antarctigo Vespucci is a testament to that. We should consider ourselves lucky that they met each other.

4.5 / 5 – Listen to it below!

RIYL: Fake Problems, Cayetana, Radiator Hospital

Full Album Stream: Antarctigo Vespucci – “Leavin’ La Vida Loca”


Antarctigo Vespucci (the new project of Fake Problems vocalist/punk rock celebrity Chris Farren and former Bomb The Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock) are streaming their forthcoming album “Leavin’ La Vida Loca” in its entirety for your Hump Day listening pleasure (which, we’re told, was the runner up album title). Check it out here.


“Leavin’ La Vida Loca” is due out Friday (July 24th) on Really Records, and is the follow-up to the duo’s October 2014 EP, “I’m So Tethered,” released on Asian Man Records.

New Music: Antarctigo Vespucci – “Losing My Mind” from upcoming album “Leavin’ La Vida Loca”

Antarctigo Vespucci (the new project of Fake Problems vocalist/punk rock celebrity Chris Farren and former Bomb The Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock) have debuted another song off their upcoming album, “Leavin’ La Vida Loca.”

The new track is called “Losing My Mind,” and you can check it out here.

“Leavin’ La Vida Loca” is due out next Friday (July 24th) on Really Records, and is the follow-up to the duo’s October 2014 EP, “I’m So Tethered,” released onAsian Man Records.  You can check out the new album’s first single, “Impossible To Place,” here.


Album Review: Shinobu – “10 Thermidor”

On Friday, January 2, not even a full 48 hours into 2015, Shinobu took the metaphorical bar that we all use to measure how great or terrible things can be, and launched it into the atmosphere by releasing their brand new album 10 Thermidor. It’s always kind of unfair when a band sets the bar high so early into a new year, but at the same time, who really cares when the music is this good?

For an album with two songs that surpass the six minute mark, 10 Thermidor is a surprisingly quick listen and it’s over much too soon. It’s easy to get lost in the melodies of each and every song. From the opening progressions of “Untitled Michael Haneke Project”, 10 Thermidor casts its hook and reels listeners in with things like the repeated refrain of “It’s a lie” in “Culture, Inc.”, the aggressive, in-your-face “Jokes”, and the bouncing bass and “oooos” of “9 Thermidor”. By the time you reach the title track, it’s hard to believe that it’s already over.

Whether it’s Jeff Rosenstock’s production [Editor’s note: I’ve been informed that Rosenstock did not produce this album, his involvement was merely as the “hot-shot record mogul”] or due to guitarist/vocalist Mike Huguenor’s time spent with the likes of Hard Girls, Classics of Love, and The Bruce Lee Band, or simply because it’s just the natural progression of musical evolution between friends, 10 Thermidor is Shinobu’s most accessible album to date. Gone are the short interludes and filler tracks, resulting in a much more consistent listen. That said, the album still has plenty of quirks to keep it grounded in Shinobu’s indie rock background, including quietly layered keyboards to oddball guitar riffs, and a two minute emptiness in “The Void” (pretty clever, you guys).

Being the first record to be released in 2015 (well… probably the first), can be a lot of pressure, but 10 Thermidor handles that pressure with ease. It’s a fun, catchy, strong album and a promising start to a new musical year. Don’t sleep on it because of its early January release.

4 / 5 – Don’t let this one slip into the void, stream it below!

RIYL: Pavement, Bomb the Music Industry!, Laura Stevenson and the Cans

DS Staff Picks – Top 10 Albums of 2014 (ben.king)

Hey all! I’m Ben and I write features, review things, and help out with the Dying Scene Podcast. I think this is the year I finally turned in my punk card and just jammed out to good shit. Below is my top 10.

Morgan Herrell (Hard Girls, Classics of Love) streams new solo album “Open the Door”

Morgan Herrell of Hard Girls and Classics of Love has released a new solo album titled Open the Door, which sees Matt Keegan of Bomb the Music Industry!, Bob Vielma of Shinobu, and his Hard Girls/Classics of Love bandmate Max Feshbach making guest appearances.

You can give the album a listen below, and purchase it digitally on Herrell’s Bandcamp page.

Antarctigo Vespucci stream new EP ‘I’m So Tethered’

Antarctigo Vespucci (the new project of Fake Problems vocalist Chris Farren and former Bomb The Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock) have released a stream of their brand new EP I’m So Tethered. You can stream it all below.

I’m So Tethered will be released via Asian Man Records on vinyl at an unspecified date in the future, and features The Gaslight Anthem‘s Benny Horowitz on drums, and a few contributions from Brooklyn pop-punk band Chumped

Antarctigo Vespucci (Chris Farren, Jeff Rosenstock) announce November tour dates

Antarctigo Vespucci, the new project consisting of punk celebrity and Fake Problems vocalist Chris Farren and (former?) Bomb The Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock, is headed out on the road.

Beginning November 1st at Fest in Gainesville, the band will spend the first half of the month on the road throughout the eastern part of the United States alongside Hard Girls. Check out the rundown below.

Antarctigo Vespucci released their debut mini-LP, Soulmate Stuff, digitally on April 8 2014, and physically back in June via Rosenstock’s Really Records.

Full Show Stream: Antarctigo Vespucci – Live at Shea Stadium (audio only)

Antarctigo Vespucci (the new project consisting of Fake Problems vocalist Chris Farren and Bomb The Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock) played their first, and so far only, show on April 26, 2014 at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY. In case you weren’t able to make it, or if you did attend and want to re-live that night, the band has released a stream of the audio from that show. You can check it out below.

Antarctigo Vespucci released their debut mini-LP, Soulmate Stuff, digitally on April 8 2014, and physically earlier in June via Rosenstock’s Really Records

Hard Girls stream new album “A Thousand Surfaces” in full

San Jose indie-punk act Hard Girls have released their sophomore full length A Thousand Surfaces and is streaming it in its entirety for free. You can give it a listen below.

The album was released today via Asian Man Records as the follow-up to their debut album, Isn’t it Worse, which came out in October 2012 via Really Records.