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Recommended EP Stream: Drawing Dead (Ramones-Core)

There are just too many bands now. Too many albums releasing every week, everything streaming on bandcamp and spotify. We just can’t cover them all anymore. You don’t need that. What you need is somebody you trust to tell you which of the many new punk albums released every week are worth your time.

Enter Milan, Italy’s Drawing Dead, a four-piece punk outfit who just put out a self-titled 7-inch via One Chord Wonder Records that is absolutely worth a spin for any fans of Ramones influenced pop-punk. Try it out below.

Proton Packs and The Livermores stream split “Party Time For Astronauts”

Italy’s Proton Packs and The Livermores are now streaming a four track split titled “Party Time For Astronauts.” The split is available on Commando Records, where you can opt for a digital stream or a limited edition black or yellow vinyl copy. The vinyls will ship on the 19th so make sure to grab one now if you want one! You can order a copy here.

Check out the new tracks below.

Stream new 7-inch split between Riccobellis and Twister (pop-punk)

Italian Ramones-influenced, pop-punk acts Riccobellis and Twister have recently released a split 7-inch titled “Our Problem Is Not The Fuel, It’s All The Rest!” via One Chord Wonder, Monster Zero and Let’s Goat Records. It features 2 brand new tracks from each band and you can stream the entire thing below.

Ramones-core band Massoneria Ramonica stream new EP “Raining Blood”

Italian “Ramones-core”, pop-punk act Massoneria Ramonica recently released a new EP titled “Raining Blood” via One Chord Wonder and you can stream the entire thing below. Think early Queers or Screeching Weasel.

One Chord Wonder releases pop punk split 7″

Italian punk label One Chord Wonder has released a really solid new split 7″ from two European pop-punk bands, Italy’s Mega and Russia’s Volkov.

You can give it a listen below, and if you like what you hear, you can either download it or order it on limited-edition vinyl here.  The cover art is pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Hakan (garage punk) stream new album LP “II”

Italian garage punkers Hakan are streaming their upcoming LP, II, a week before it’s official release. The new 13-track album was recorded in the band’s home studio with a multi-track recorder – not what you would think after hearing this big production.

You can stream the whole thing below.

This is the band’s second album, which serves as follow-up to their 2015 self-titled full-length.

Mega (pop-punk) stream “I Wrote Erich Fromm” from upcoming album “Conversation About Nothing”

Italian punk rockers Mega have premiered a brand new tune titled “I Wrote Erich Fromm” and I recommend you check it out below. Sorta reminds me of “Making Friends” era No Use For A Name.

The track will appear on the band’s upcoming album “Conversation About Nothing” slated for release June 13th via One Chord Wonder. The new release is the band’s first since 2014’s “Life Sucks, But I’m OK” and sees a definite refinement to their craft. I for one am looking forward to hearing more.

Colin Farrell (Italian punk) stream new album “Opera Omnia”

Italian punk act Colin Farrell are streaming their new album Opera Omnia.

Check it out below.

Opera Omnia was released on March 4th via One Chord Wonder.

Twister (Italian punk) stream new album “We’ll Be OK”

Italian punk act Twister are streaming their upcoming new album We’ll Be OK in its entirety.

Give it a listen below.

We’ll Be OK is set to be released on March 18th via One Chord Wonder.

Hakan (garage punk) stream new self titled album

Istanbul garage punk act Hakan have just released their self-titled album and you can give the whole thing a listen below.

Hakan was released yesterday, May 25th via One Chord Wonder.

Mega stream new album “May the Force Be With You”

Italian punk rockers Mega are currently streaming their new album, May the Force Be With You, and you can listen to the 8-track album below.

May the Force Be With You was released today, February 24th, through One Chord Wonder and can be downloaded for free here.

Senzabenza (Italian punk) releases 7″ “Especially for You”

Italian punks Senzabenza have a new 7″ out, and you can check out the 2 tracks below.  If you like what you hear, you can download both tracks, which were released by the One Chord Wonder label,  here.

New Music: Drawing Dead (Italian punk) stream full album, “Adieu, Ciao, See You Soon”

Some brand new music to round out your Hump Day Evening. Drawing Dead are a four-piece punk outfit from Milan, Italy. They are set to release a brand-new full-length album entitled “Adieu, Ciao, See You Soon.” You can stream the whole thing here, and throw them a few bucks (or Euros, as the case may be) to buy your own copy if you’re so inclined.

“Adieu, Ciao, See You Soon” is slated for release on January 16th via One Chord Wonder Records.

Proton Packs (Italy) stream new album “Space Opera”

Tuscan punks Proton Packs are streaming their new album Space Opera, and you can check it out below.  They call it a “sci-fi adventure from the creators of Ecto-Punk.”

Mega (Italy) streams new album, “Life Sucks But I’m Okay”

Mega, a pop punk band from Italy, is streaming their new album, Life Sucks But I’m Okay, and you can listen to it below.  The album was released on March 1st via One Chord Wonder Records.