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Tim Barry announces new solo album, tour

Avail’s Tim Barry has announced a new solo album, which will be released on October 11th on Chunksaah Records. Titled The Road to Richmond, it will be his first album since 2017.

Tim will also be playing some live shows (and hopefully more than these) in support of the album, with the following dates:

Aug 29 – Muddy Roots Festival – Cookeville, TN
Nov 02 – The Fest – Gainesville, FL
Nov 15 – The Camel / Record Release Show –  Richmond, VA
Nov 16 – The Camel / Record Release Show – Richmond, VA

Tim Barry releases music video for new song “Running Never Tamed Me”

Tim Barry has released a music video for the song “Running Never Tamed Me”, you can watch it below. The song is from the recently released album “High on 95” which came out on Chunksaah Records.

The video contains shots of Tim with his family along side various types on transport and he claims the song caused his two daughters to break down crying the first time they heard it.

Tim just kicked off his US tour and you can find the full list of upcoming dates below the video.

DS Interview: Jon Snodgrass and Stephen Egerton talk “Perfect Match”

As you’re probably aware, particularly because we ran a brief story about it a little while ago, the inimitable Jon Snodgrass has a new digital 7-inch out today. As you can see from the fancy, iTunes-approved image above it’s called The Carpet Thief, and it features a couple tracks from the Snodgrass canon that had not, until now, been given proper release. The A-side is a track called “1-2-3-4,” and was written and recorded (at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado) shortly after beloved Teenage Bottlerocket drummer Brandon Carlisle passed away. It’s one of those “right in the feels” songs, for sure.

The B-side is a track called “Perfect Match,” and was originally written four or five years ago in support of Perfect Teeth, a graphic novel project spearheaded by Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake, etc). While Snodgrass wrote the music and mans the “vocal duty” battle station on the track, the instrumentation is handled by Stephen Egerton (Descendents/ALL). We spoke with both Jon and Stephen about the unique story behind how the track came together.

Fiorello initially contacted Snodgrass to commission him for the project. “Vinnie always does different stuff,” says Snodgrass, “and he was doing this comic book, and he asked me to write a song for it.” In the initial back-and-forth, the two discussed the bones of an idea: a love song between two young vampires, not all that unlike a Twilight-style saga. This was good news to Snodgrass, who’d “always had this idea that if I was a young vampire, I’d go waaaay up to where more than half of the year is mostly night time. Then I’d go to the other side…instead of someone who’s bicoastal, I’d be someone that lived on both Poles.” Literally bipolar vampires. Seems like a good starting point for a love song. As Snodgrass says, “it’s not an unrequited love song, but a song about how you wish you could be together with this person all the time.

From there, things developed quickly. Real quickly. Like…absurdly quickly. I’ll just let Snodgrass tell it, because to paraphrase wouldn’t do the story justice: “I literally hung up the phone and I was thinking about it — and thinking kinda cocky about it — and it was like I was riding the wave, like “let’s see how far I can take this!” … But I hung up the phone, hit “record” on my phone, and…I wish there was a way for me to have proof of it, but I texted it to Vinnie literally seven minutes later. He was like “holy shit, dude! You had this for a while!” and I said “no, dude! No!” I’m not trying to brag or make it sound like it’s a big deal…a lot of people can do that. Just cuz I can sit down and write a song in the time it takes to write a song doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good song. But this song? This song I like.

You read that correctly. From start to finish, the musical bones of “Perfect Match” were written, recorded, and texted back to Fiorello in less than ten minutes. Egerton confirms that “that’s pretty much Jon’s style. He works really quickly…not always seven minutes quickly…but that’s Jon.” Fiorello and Snodgrass bounced around lyrics ideas, and Snodgrass entered Brandon Carlisle’s studio to record vocals. “That was kind of a fun, serendipitous thing,” says Egerton,”that the vocals to that song got recorded at Brandon’s place, and they’re on there with Jon’s song about Brandon.”

Upon completing the vocal takes, Snodgrass recorded a fuller demo and sent it to Egerton. “I sat down and recorded it into my tape machine, and I tried to play it as good as I could,” said Snodgrass, continuing that he “thought maybe some of (his) guitar would get on there.” As it turns out, Egerton got to work in fairly short order himself, first cutting the drums on his son’s drum kit at his house before moving quickly on to bass and drums. And, in typical Egerton fashion, he nailed the entirety of the instrumentation. “He played everything. I thought he would jut play drums and bass and maybe I’d get some guitar on there, but he just sent this thing back and it was awesome!” Snodgrass jokingly (or perhaps not jokingly) continues that he kidded with Egerton (with whom he’d previously worked on the latter’s Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton project) that they should collaborate that way more often, only with Stephen playing all the lyrics and the two bringing in better singers.

The Carpet Thief  is available via all normal digital outlets today (October 7th), or you can get it straight from Drag The  River’s site right here. If you’re in Europe and and can’t make it out to one of Snodgrass’s upcoming shows, but you still want to get your hands on a hard copy beginning in the middle of November, you can do so through Hometown Caravan right here. If you’re in the States and want to get your grubby little paws one one, you can send Snodgrass himself a message through his Facebook artist page right here.

Against Me! add Tim Barry to upcoming North American tour

Former Avail frontman-turned-solo artist Tim Barry has been announced as a support act for Against Me!‘s North American tour with Texan punk band Fea. You can find more info on when and where they’ll be playing below below.

Barry’s latest album Lost & Rootless was released in 2014 through Chunksaah Records. Against Me! released a live album titled 23 Live Sex Acts last year on Total Treble Records, and according to a press release we recently received, details on their follow-up to Transgender Dysphoria Blues are coming soon.

DS Photo Gallery: Drag The River, Adam Faucett, Matt Charette and the Truer Sound & Dan Webb and the Spiders @ The Middle East, Cambridge

The upstairs concert space at the legendary Middle East Nightclub in Cambridge last Tuesday served as temporary home for one of the best bills in the alt-country/folk-punk scene in this writer’s recent memory. Headlined by the often-imitated, never-duplicated Drag The River, the bill featured support from two of the best local acts in the game (Dan Webb & The Spiders and Matt Charette & The Truer Sound) as well as an appearance by Little Rock, Arkansas’ Adam Faucett, himself in the midst of crisscrossing the country on his own US tour. To say that there were beards and ‘gansetts aplenty would be to radically understate the evening.

Dan Webb and his band o’ Spiders kicked the evening off in raucous, garage-rock fashion. Appearing as a three-piece on this particular evening, the band fired through a set that cast doubt on all of those who didn’t vote for them as winners of their night of the preliminary round of the recent Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble. That evening’s eventual winners, Dirty Bangs, must be wizards. Check out more Dan Webb & The Spiders here.

Local singer-songwriter Matt Charette, accompanied by his full five-piece band, The Truer Sound. I’ve seen Charette on a number of previous occasions, though this marked the first time I caught him with the full band. Charette’s a dynamic enough performer to more than hold his own when accompanied only by an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, but it was a treat to see him backed by bass, drums, keys and, of course, pedal steel. The set featured a couple as-yet-unnamed tracks that the band are recording for an upcoming 7-inch; stay tuned for that…I can confirm that they’re real, real tight!

Adam Faucett provided direct support, backed by his two-piece band, The Tall Grass. Faucett toured solo in support of Chuck Ragan on the latter’s Winter 2014 northeast US tour, and is currently traversing most of the eastern US on a three-week tour. Faucett’s got one of the premier soulful voices in the game to go along with his dynamic, bluesy guitar playing. The fact that he’s not more of a household name seems criminal. Check out more of Adam Faucett right here.

Drag The River sets have a tendency to be a bit of an adventure. The Chad Price (ALL) and Jon Snodgrass (Armchair Martian, Scorpios) led four-piece are presently touring with Dave Barker on drums and pedal steel and fellow Fort Collinsian Kyle Oppold of Arliss Nancy fame on bass. The increasingly Jameson-fueled set flowed rather freely, adhering to no strict setlist guidelines. Watching Drag The River, you always get the sense that you’re just hangin’ with your buddies as they play a loose, kinda sing-alongy set in your living room. That can tend to create an evening that teeters on the brink either of sloppy, drunken disaster or way-too-long freeform jam (by the band’s own admission), but this evening was nothing of either sort. An early-set Snodgrass broken string forced Price and Barker into audible-calling mode, and they slowed things down for a few, allowing Barker to man the pedal steel, and Snodgrass to change his string. From there,the band seemingly made the setlist up as they went along, taking cues from both the crowd and each other, but never really spiraled out of hand. The result was one of the funner, more engaging shows in recent memory.

Check out our full photo gallery below.

Live Video: Drag The River’s Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price – “The Death Of The Life Of The Party”

Drag The River, the preeminent alt-country band featuring Jon Snodgrass (Armchair Martian) and Chad Price (ALL), have teamed up with the good folks at RawCutMedia to release a live video for the track “The Death Of The Life Of The Party.” The footage was shot during the duo’s performance at last year’s Pouzza Fest in Montreal. Check it out below.

Check out a full list of full-band Drag The River tour dates, including another Pouzza Fest appearance, right here. Drag The River’s last album, a self-titled full-length, was released back in October 2013 through Xtra Mile Recordings. “The Death Of The Life Of The Party” appears on the band’s 2008 release, “You Can’t Live This Way.”

Tim Barry (Avail) releases lyric video for “No News From North”

Former Avail frontman and current folk-rocker Tim Barry has just released a lyric video for the song “No News From North”. The track appears on his latest album, Lost & Rootless, which was released last November through Chunksaah Records.

Check out the video as well as his upcoming tour dates (including those with Northcote and Allison Weiss) below.

Sleeping Weather announces tour dates with Seraph the Light

After announcing a few months ago that they have signed to Suburban Home Records, Denver-based rock band Sleeping Weather announced some tour dates with Tupelo, Mississippi’s Seraph the Light (formerly known as Seraphim).

The two bands will head out  in early June, and you can find all the dates below.  Sleeping Weather’s first release on Suburban Home was April’s full-length I Was Just on My Way Out.

Sleeping Weather to release new album “I Was Just On My Way Out” through Suburban Home, stream two new songs

Denver, Colorado’s Sleeping Weather have signed to Suburban Home Records with plans to release a new full-length album entitled “I Was Just On My Way Out” this April.

You can stream two songs from the album and check out its tracklisting below.

Sleeping Weather released their debut EP “Disconnect,” which is free to download on Bandcamp, back in 2011.

Two Cow Garage announce US/Canada tour dates

Ohio cowpunks Two Cow Garage announced a slew of US/Canadian tour dates that will keep them busy through most of May and June.

The 25-date tour begins May 14th in Cleveland and runs through June 21st in St. Louis. Check out full details below.

Two Cow Garage’s last album, “The Death of the Self-Preservation Society” was released in September on Last Chance Records.

Drag The River talks to Raw Cut Media

Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price from Drag The River sat down for an interview with the dudes at Raw Cut Media in Montreal last December.

Click here to watch them gab about coffee, Descendents and ALL.

Drag The River last released their self-titled album in October 2013 on Xtra Mile.

DS Show Review/Photo Gallery: Drag The River and Cory Branan – Boston, MA (12/7/13)

That Branan character is a shameless grifter…

On a bone-rattlingly-cold December evening, Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price brought the 2013 rendition of the somewhat-recently-reunited (and very-recently-recording-together-again) Drag The River to Great Scott in Allston, MA. The Fort Collins-based foursome (featuring Chad Rex on bass and the occasionally-shirtless Dave Barker on drums and pedal steel) invaded the hipster capital of the Commonwealth for a barn-burner of a set that lasted til the wee hours of the morning. Apologies to opener Frontier Ruckus, whose set I didn’t really catch. I do know that they had a gentleman playing a saw though.

Drag The River were joined on this particular jaunt by the inimitable Cory Branan. To call Branan a ‘singer-songwriter’ may be factually accurate, but comes nowhere close to truly encompassing what he is as an artist. Equal parts alt-country and neo-folk and punk-as-fuck, Branan is at his best when his performance teeters on the edge, carefully tiptoeing to the edge of a precipice without actually careening out of control. Still feeling the effects of what he reported was a night of too-hard partying in New York city the previous evening, Branan made repeated reference to being not quite fully capable of pulling off everything in his catalog, leading to a request-heavy set that featured a well-received, heavy dose of audience participation.

Drag The River continued the audience participation trend in a set that turned very much into a drunken sing-along (shout out to Boston-based singer-songwriter Matt Charette and crew for leading the charge). Price and Snodgrass alternated turns manning the lead vocalist position for a set that spanned much of the band’s decade-plus on-again, off-again, on-again career. The performance was light-hearted in nature and light on banter (and, I thought curiously, light on the between-band interaction at all), focusing solely on the music, and including a cover of a Lenny Lashley track for good measure (and local Brownie points). Check out our photo gallery below.

Music Video: Nightmares for a Week – “The Destroyers”

New York’s Nightmares for a Week have released a music video for their song “The Destroyers”. The song comes off of the band’s sophomore album, Civilian War.

You can watch the video below.

Civilian War was released in March 2013 as a joint venture through Suburban Home Records and Broken English Records.

Show Review/Photo Gallery: Tim Barry and Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One (Manchester, NH)


“Music should sound like escape, not rent.” – Tim Barry

Close to a decade removed from the end of his run as frontman for hardworking, DIY punk band Avail, Tim Barry has made a pretty nice second career for himself as a hardworking, DIY acoustic solo artist. For whatever reason, it took nearly ten years of refining his stand-alone live set to make his performing debut in the great State of New Hampshire. Despite not having a local railyard, the blue-collar, ‘Live Free Or Die’ ethos of the Manchester, the Granite State’s largest city, would seem the perfect marriage partner for a Tim Barry performance. The time was finally right last Saturday for Barry to make his New Hampshire debut at the Queen City’s Shaskeen Pub, and the result was every bit as good as was expected.

Local support on the evening came from Down To The Well, a New Hampshire-based drunken folk singalong style three piece. While they may not have a large following outside the area yet, the trio (banjo, acoustic guitar and standup bass, in case you were wondering and didn’t feel like clicking through to the pictures) were the embodiment of a perfect local opener, as they drew a strong, supportive contingent of fans who remained vocal throughout their 45 minute set.

Beloved Boston punk scene veteran Lenny Lashley provided direct support for Barry, albeit in a bit of a curiously abbreviated set. Lashley’s Gang of One project has taken numerous forms over the years and appeared as a four-piece on this particular night, with frequent collaborators Mackie LaChance (which, seriously, has to be the most perfect mob name ever) on stand-up bass and Corey King on acoustic guitar rounded out by Joe Macharet on fiddle. Macharet added a new, welcome layer to Lashley’s sound, and it’ll be interesting to see this sort of arrangement worked out going forward. Lashley’s set consisted of songs from his Darkbuster and Lenny and The Piss Poor Boys days as well as highlighting a few tracks from his recent (and incredibly stellar) full-length, Illuminator, though some of the latter album’s more inspired, uptempo tracks were left out due to the acoustic nature of this particular evening.

‘Acoustic’ does not have to equate with ‘subdued,’ however, as Tim Barry made readily apparent from the first notes of the set opener “Dog Bumped.” Lashley concluded his set by commenting that Barry was going to “blow the roof off” the Shaskeen, and anyone that has borne witness to a Tim Barry live show can attest to the fact that it feels, at times, as though that’s exactly what’s going to happen. There’s obviously a certain visceral connection that great live acts are able to make with their audiences, and in the case of Barry’s set, it is very much a symbiotic relationship. Plagued in part by what seemed to be an ongoing issue with the mix in the stage monitors (not noticeable to this particular writer), Barry brought his acoustic and his mic stand off the stage and into the crowd to perform on at least three separate occasions during his 75 minute set. Obvious musical differences aside, the feel was very much like that of a night when Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band are firing on all cylinders, except that instead of playing the role of de facto preacher to the working man, Barry seems to be speaking not to or for, but in unison with, the common man. And though it was his first appearance in the Granite State, one left with the feeling that Barry would, no doubt, be back.

Click here to check out our photo gallery from the evening. Kudos to Mrs. “jaystone” for the assist on some of the photos.

Lyric Video: Two Cow Garage – “The Little Prince and Johnny Toxic”

Cowpunks Two Cow Garage have released a lyric video for a new song titled “The Little Prince and Johnny Toxic”. The track comes off of the band’s upcoming sixth studio album, The Death of the Self-Preservation Society.

Check out the video here.

The Death of the Self-Preservation Society will be released in September on Last Chance Records. Their last album, Sweet Saint Me, came out in 2010 via Suburban Home Records.