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Misfortune Cookie (Pop Punk, UK) Announce Debut Album “Heavy Seas” Stream Track “All Dogs Are Nina”

Fresh UK-based pop punk ensemble Misfortune Cookie have just announced that they will release their debut album on September 27. It is titled Heavy Seas and helping the band with the release will be Everything Sucks Music. 

If you can’t wait until the end of next month, you’ll be happy to hear that Misfortune Cookie have put a track out early. It’s called “All Dogs Are Nina” and you can check it out below.

The Hippaes (pop-punk) release music video for “You Let Me Be”

Indie/pop-punk act The Hippaes have released a music video for their song “You Let Me Be.”

You can check it out below.

“You Let Me Be” comes from the bands’ upcoming debut album Hip! Hip!! Hippaes!!! that is set to be released on June 28th via Everything Sucks Music.

Molar (Punk, UK) Announce New EP “Straniero”, Stream Teaser Track

London-based, multi-national punk ensemble Molar are allowing fans to stream a teaser track from a forthcoming release they have with Everything Sucks Music. The EP, Straniero, is the first 12″ release from the band and will feature five tracks.

The tune Molar have selected to get you lot in the mood for Straniero is titled “Auslännerwahlrecht” and has a distinct classic anarcho punk vibe. You can check it out below. The rest of the release is scheduled for December 14.


Free Album Download: The Exhausts (punk) – “Leave The Suburbs”

Looking for some snotty British punk to spice up your day? Look no further than London’s The Exhausts who just released their new full-length “Leave The Suburbs!” through Everything Sucks Music.

Stream the album below and if you dig it download it for free on bandcamp.

Bear Trade release “music video” for new song – “Beer For Christmas”

English punks Bear Trade are sharing some “Christmas” spirit with their fans, with a new video and song, called “Beer For Christmas”. Check out the hair-band, JibJabbesque video below.

Bear Trade last released their album, Blood And Sand back in May via Dead Broke Rekerds (US) and Everything Sucks Music (UK). You can listen to the whole thing and/or buy it here.

Pacer streaming new album “Mechanical”

UK punks Pacer are now streaming their new album, Mechanical, in its entirety and you can check it out right here!

The band will officially release Mechanical on November 17, 2014 through Everything Sucks MusicPacer’s last album was 2012’s Making Plans.

Pacer announces new album, streams new song

UK punks Pacer have announced a new album to be called Mechanical that will be released on November 17th through Everything Sucks MusicTo celebrate this announcement, the band is streaming the title track from the upcoming album.

You can check out the song and see what vocalist Mark Pavey has to say about the song below.

Pacer last released Making Plans in July 2012

Listen: Pure Graft (punk) stream “Casual Labour” EP

U.K. punk band Pure Graft are currently streaming their new EP “Casual Labour.” Listen to it below.

The EP was released on June 9, via Everything Sucks Music.

Album Review: T-Shirt Weather / Losing Sleep – “T-Shirt Weather / Losing Sleep Split”

Durham City’s T-Shirt Weather and Kingston’s Losing Sleep have teamed up with Everything Sucks Music to bring the world a brand new split 12-inch. Both bands are relatively young (according to each of their Facebook pages, T-Shirt Weather formed in 2011 and Losing Sleep just a year later), so a split is exactly the kind of beneficial thing to be a part of while still developing and honing their craft (T-Shirt Weather a little less so than Losing Sleep, as they’ve already amassed an EP, a single, and an LP as opposed to Losing Sleep’s sole demo). Side A sees T-Shirt Weather providing four songs, while Losing Sleep rounds out the B-side with three contributions, and even though there’s an odd number of tracks the two bands find a nice balance between each other anyway.

T-Shirt Weather kicks things off with “Hold Me Closer Whiny Dancer” (a title worthy of at least a good chuckle, if not more). “Whiny Dancer” sets the groundwork for what T-Shirt Weather is all about: energetic songs about being sad. And lots of fuzzy and sloppy sounding guitars that would make any indie college rock band proud. The songs have a winking grin-like quality to them (how can they not with titles like “What More Did You Expect From These Chords?” or “Penny, You Are My Constant”) [Editor’s Note: In case you missed out on the cultural phenomenon-turned-disappointment known as ABC’s LOST, that latter title is a reference to the show], and you can tell that this three piece has fun playing together. There’s also a saxophone that shows up from time to time (First toward the end of “Hold Me Closer Whiny Dancer”, and again in “Penny, You Are My Constant”).

Losing Sleep’s half has a slightly more serious tone to it, if only due to the cleaner sounding production. With this being the band’s first major release, they have a lot more to prove, and they come out swinging like they came out of the Long Island scene circa 2002. Armed with a knack for a catchy chorus and pop punk hooks that aren’t too sugary, Losing Sleep also has time for plenty of lyrical and titular references of their own (noted con artist Canada Bill Jones gets paraphrased in “It’s ‘Card Sharp’ Not ‘Card Shark’”, Sage Francis gets a nod in “July Inside”, and “This Is My Dillon Now” pays homage to NBC’s football drama Friday Night Lights). Losing Sleep may have one less song on this split, but they make up for it by contributing three really well-crafted songs.

Both bands will have to step it up a notch if they want to fill up an entire album’s worth of material but they still show a lot of promise for a full length (especially Losing Sleep). It’s not perfect, but in just 25 minutes, T-Shirt Weather and Losing Sleep are able to acquaint listeners to their respective sounds in a way that will leave them demanding for more. And in the end, that’s what a good split between two up-and-coming bands should do.

3.5 / 5

Give a listen to the split below.

Full Album Stream: T-Shirt Weather + Losing Sleep – “T-Shirt Weather/Losing Sleep Split”

Durham’s T-Shirt Weather and Kingston’s Losing Sleep, two of the UK’s youngest pop punk acts, have teamed up together to release a split album next month, but if you can’t wait until then it’s okay- the whole thing is streaming online for your listening pleasure!

You can listen to the split here. It’s got plenty of Friday Night Lights and LOST references, and choruses to sing along with.

The T-Shirt Weather / Losing Sleep split will be released on February 10th, 2014 through Everything Sucks Music.