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DS Exclusive: Amos Pitsch (Tenement) Interviews Walt Hamburger about The Hamburgers’ First Show in 9 Years

The Hamburgers were a pop punk band from Appleton, Wisconsin that I recall existing between the years 2004 and 2005. My high school band, Social Classics, often played locally with them at coffee shops and VFW halls; in basements and fast food joint parking lots. For me, at sixteen years old, they filled a void where no energetic, melodic, and slightly juvenile music existed anymore in the Northeast Wisconsin region. They encompassed the idea of fun and did it without an air of pretension. They seemed almost like a cartoon strip in band form and I think managed to make an impression on a lot of young minds in spite of themselves. As the years have passed, Walt and I continue to evolve into such different people, but I still consider him one of my closest friends; a madman at the wheel that somehow manages to continue to steer himself toward his own personal success. He’s released two solo albums on Lagwagon front-man Joey Cape‘s record label One Week Records, crosses the ocean yearly to play for international fans, and finds purpose at home running his own non profit organization dedicated helping animals in need. This weekend, The Hamburgers are reuniting at Appleton, Wisconsin’s Mile Of Music Festival for their first performance in nine years.

-Amos Pitsch, July 2019

Check out Amos and Walt’s interview below!

Chad Price (ALL, Drag The River, A Vulture Wake) shares new song “Ice”, and his new album is released today

Punk rock legend Chad Price (ALL, Drag The River, A Vulture Wake) has released a new acoustic record. Being released through Joey Cape’s One Week Records this will be the second solo release for Chad Price.

To hear a sneak peek of what you might find on the album check out the video below.

If you want to pick up your own digital copy of the new record scoot on over to One Week Records site to grab yours.

Joey Cape announces Alberta, Canada shows with Brian Wahlstrom

Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape has announced he and Brian Wahlstrom will be playing a few shows across the Canadian providence of Alberta in March. The three-date run will see the Scorpios bandmates supported by Seth Anderson and Ben Sir.

Check out the details below to see if there’s a show near you.

Joey Cape to play California acoustic shows

Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape has announced a handful of acoustic shows in California slated for next February. These dates will also feature Brian Wahlstrom of Scorpios, PEARS singer Zach Quinn, and Donald Spence from Versus The World. See if there’s a show near you below.

Cape’s latest solo album One Week Record came out earlier this year.

Yotam Ben Horin (Useless ID) premieres music video for “Slip”

Yotam Ben Horin (singer and bass player of Useless ID) premiered his video for “Slip” from his One Week Records album released on April 11th, 2017 (produced by Joey Cape). As of today he is on tour until November 10th.

You can see the new music video and his tour dates below.

Seth Anderson (One Week Records) heads out on US tour

AB folk rocker Seth Anderson has announced a lengthy tour throughout the States. The One Week Records artist will be on the road most of October, leading up to FEST. Anderson joined Joey Cape’s love baby in June last year.

Head down below to check out all of Seth Anderson’s tour dates.

Yotam Ben Horin (Useless ID) releases new album

Yotam Ben Horin, whom you might recognize as the bassist and vocalist for Useless ID, has released a new seemingly-self titled (I looked everywhere, couldn’t find it) acoustic album, produced by Joey Cape and released via One Week Records. Based on the album art, this record looks like a lot of fun. Or nostalgic. Or both, if you’re into fun and nostalgia. You can pick the album up here.

Yotam was last heard on his 2015 album California Sounds, released on Hardline Entertainment.

Album Review: Joey Cape – “One Week Record”

One would be hard-pressed to find another singer-songwriter as prolific as Joey Cape. Already under his belt are eight Lagwagon albums, three Bad Astronaut albums, LPs by The Playing Favorites, Scorpios, and Joey Cape’s Bad Loud, not to mention his role in a whole bunch of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes releases, as well as countless seven-inch and compilation appearances.

And here’s another. Joey Cape’s One Week Record, on his own label, One Week Records, kicks off the same way Lagwagon kicked off Hang, with the one-minute acoustic “Burden of Proof” introducing “Reign”. The two albums begin similarly enough that at the conclusion of “Burden” the listener isn’t positive which album he’s listening to until it either takes off at blistering speeds, as with Hang, or, as is the case here, continues as if performed by a guy on a street corner wearing a “Joey Cape is Bullshit” t-shirt with his guitar case opened to invite coins.

The idea of One Week Records is to produce ten songs in seven days, all within the comfort of Cape’s home. The limited schedule is designed to eliminate the temptation to overproduce and let the songs “give an honest representation of the artist’s creativity.” Membership to One Week Records is available, making it feel more like a club than a typical record label. Cape had previously recorded five songs, available as a bonus only to those with membership to the label. He has since expanded his five-song One Weekend Record to a full ten-song album. Because it is his label, his studio, and his house, one can’t help assuming Joey cheated a little and spent more than seven days recording it – evidenced by guest appearances by One Week artists Walt Hamburger, Yotam Ben Horin, Brian Wahlstrom, and Laura Mardone, all of whom have recorded albums with Cape – but when you’re the owner, you can do what you want.

Without liner notes accompanying the digital download it’s difficult to know for sure who is doing what, though sometimes it’s obvious: that’s Laura Mardone’s sweet voice lending some interest to an otherwise boring arrangement of Lagwagon’s post-hiatus favorite “E Dagger.” Brian Wahlstrom, Cape’s Scorpios bandmate and frequent guest keyboardist on punk albums, is heard tinkling the ivories on nearly every track, most prominently in “Laymens Terms”, what with his instrumental introduction and, later in the same track, some pretty nifty harmonies. Too, Joey opts to leave the guitar out entirely during the first minute-plus of “Sick” with only Wahlstrom’s keys accompanying his voice until the downbeat of the first chorus.

We may still call him “Joey”, but Joey Cape is getting old – he just turned 50, for crying out loud! Needless to say, he’s not singing about girls too often these days. Instead, his friends are dying. “Days of New” is a tribute to Bad Astronaut and original Lagwagon drummer Derrick Plourde, and “One Last Song” features a shout out to Cape’s best bud, the late great Tony Sly. Joey clearly misses them both dearly, but, rather than somber funereal ballads, both tunes are upbeat to better convey celebrations of their lives, and their impact on Cape’s own.

No new songs here, this is an album of Cape-fronted band covers: one Bad Astronaut song (opener from Twelve Small Steps, 2006) and another from Joey’s least talked about side project, the Playing Favorites (“Waiting”, from I Remember When I was Pretty, 2007). The remaining eight were all originally Lagwagon songs, including three from Lagwagon’s latest full-length, Hang. “Obsolete Absolute” is a rare example of a fast punk song being longer in duration than its slow acoustic version, and is one of the strongest tracks on each album. Cape softly plucks the strings of his acoustic guitar, outlining the opening chords, providing the impression that the guitar is in the background even as the only sound present, before his voice presents the opening melody. A piano is added halfway through the first verse, and then light gang vocals and vocal harmonies to embellish the chorus. Fan-tastic.

These One Week and One Weekend records are digital releases, though PEARS’ Zach Quinn’s One Week Record was given a limited vinyl pressing through Fat Wreck Chords, so perhaps something similar will happen with Cape’s album.

Find another example of a songwriter providing so many alternate versions to previously recorded songs; not live recordings from acoustic sets, but – between two split albums with Tony Sly, a split album with Jon Snodgrass, six songs between Cape’s first two solo albums, Bridge and Doesn’t Play Well With Others, as well as numerous standalone tracks scattered here and there – actual studio recordings. I can’t think of anyone, at least not in the punk world, the only sect of pop music I feel qualified to discuss. Any punk fan ought to appreciate what Joey Cape has brought to the genre, and most would enjoy this album. Joey Cape’s One Week Record is not as polished as the splits with Tony Sly, nor do I think is it as strong. For a Lagwagon fan, however, it’s a must-have.

4/5 Stars

Joey Cape announces acoustic shows in Spain

Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape has announced he will be playing a handful of acoustic shows in Spain early next year. The brief tour will see Cape supported by Dani Llamas.

Check out the tour dates below to see if there’s a show near you.

Joey Cape most recently released an album of acoustic versions of Lagwagon and Bad Astronaut songs through his label One Week Records.

Joey Cape streams acoustic version of “The Burden of Proof / Reign”

Joey Cape just released an album of acoustic versions of Lagwagon songs. You can listen to the stripped-down rendition of “The Burden of Proof / Reign” below.

The album was released through Cape’s own One Week Records. Buy it here.

PEARS frontman releasing solo album via Joey Cape’s One Week Records

Zach Quinn of New Orleans punk band PEARS has announced he will be releasing a solo album through Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape’s One Week Records.

No details on the album have been revealed, aside from its May 16th release date. We’ll keep you post as more info surfaces, though.

PEARS just released a new LP titled Green Star on April 1st via Fat Wreck Chords. If you haven’t already heard it, I highly recommend giving it a listen here.

Video: Joey Cape and Walt Hamburger strip down for Punks In Vegas

The inimitable Joey Cape may be right in the early stages of another Lagwagon tour, but that didn’t stop him from teaming up with his One Week Records signee Walt Hamburger for a three-song stripped down session for the folks at Punks In Vegas. During the session, the duo performed the Lagwagon tracks “Burden of Proof” and “Reign” from last year’s stellar Hang along with “Moral Compass” from Cape’s equally stellar Stitch Puppy, and “Three Tattoos” from Hamburger’s One Week Records release. Check out the videos here.


Listen: Chris Cresswell covers Against Me!’s “Walking Is Still Honest”

Well here’s something cool to wind down your Hump Day.

The great Chris Cresswell, frontman of The Flatliners, recently recorded an acoustic cover of the Against Me! track “Walking Is Still Honest.” Check it out here.

“Walking Is Still Honest” appears in its natural habitat on Against Me!‘s 2002 debut album, “Reinventing Axl Rose.” Cresswell and his fellow Flatliners are heading out on the Fat Wrecked At 25 tour in the next few days, and are putting out a B-sides/rarities compilation, “Division of Spoils,” on August 7th via Fat Wreck.

Joey Cape’s One Week Records announces next release from Laura Mardon, streams first track

Joey Cape has announced that his label One Week Records will release a new full-length from Australian singer/songwriter Laura Mardon next Tuesday (April 14th).  You can give the album’s first track “Hail Hail The Dead Can Dance” a listen right here.

Here’s a not from the Capester himself:

Hey everyone. It’s official, Laura Mardon’s “One Week” record is coming out this Tuesday, April 14th. I’m so proud of this album. She is such a gifted songwriter and I feel very fortunate to have been involved in this session. Joey

Chris Cresswell (The Flatliners) announces Canadian tour dates

Chris Cresswell, front man of The Flatliners, has announced a string of solo tour dates in Canada with Ian Graham (Cheap Girls). You can check out a full list of dates and locations below.

Chris Cresswell’s One Week Record was released digitally on May 16th on Joey Cape’s (Lagwagon) label One Week Records. It was also later released on vinyl through Fat Wreck Chords.