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Music Video: Goddamnit – “A Steady Diet of Sugar”

Philly punks Goddamnit have released a music video for their song “A Steady Diet of Sugar”, which you can check out below.

“A Steady Diet of Sugar” is taken from Goddamnit’s recent album I’m Not Okay, I’ll Never Be the Same, which was released earlier this month (March 3rd) via Jump Start Records.

Music Video: Goddamnit – “Letterbox”

Philly punks Goddamnit have released a music video for their song “Letterbox”, which you can check out below.

“Letterbox” is taken from Goddamnit’s recent album I’m Not Okay, I’ll Never Be the Same, which was released last week (March 3rd) via Jump Start Records.

Townes Cosentino (Will of Gameday Regulars) to release EP “A New Kind Of Hell”

Gameday Regulars’ Will Romeo is striking out on his own under the moniker Townes Cosentino. He will be releasing an EP next Friday, August 26th called “A New Kind Of Hell.” The EP will be released via Creep Records next friday, August 26th. You can see the tracklist and a demo of an earlier song “Sister Fucker” below.


Townes Cosentino’s last release was the “Sister Fucker” demo track.

Full EP Stream: Pulling Punches – “The Old Colors Are Dead”

Philadelphia’s Pulling Punches have recently released their sophomore EP, The Old Colors Are Dead and you can give it a listen below.

The Old Colors Are Dead, was put out through Creep Records February 9, 2016. It is the follow up to their latest EP, Lighten Up, Burn It Down, was released in September 2014.

Gameday Regulars release ‘Progression’ compilation LP

The Bronx’s Gameday Regulars have released a compilation LP titled Progression. The album is made up of  the band’s out of print EPs, But It’s Hell In The Hallway and Nobody Likes A Quitter and you can stream it below.

The Gameday Regulars released Progression on January 20, 2016 through Creep Records. Digital copies can be purchased here, while physical copies are here

GODDAMNIT signs with Jump Start Records, announce new LP and tour dates

Phillidelphia Hardcore act GODDAMNIT have just signed with Jump Start Records. The band has also announced that they will be releasing the new LP “I’ll Never Be The Same” some time in 2016. Finally, they’ve also released a series of tour dates, that will take them from the south up the east coast over the course of October and Novemeber. Check the dates out below.

Goddamnit announce East Coast tour dates

Philadelphia post-hardcore band Goddamnit will be hitting the road this week on a string of dates that will take them down to their appearance at Fest and back via the scenic route that is places like Nashville and Columbus, Ohio. Check out the full rundown of dates below.

Goddamnit’s debut full length, How To Take The Burn, was released back in 2014 on Creep Records. Their sophomore album is due out on Jump Start Records next year!

Album Review: Goddamnit – “How to Take the Burn”

On paper, Goddamnit’s debut album, How to Take the Burn, sounds goddamn perfect. Taking influences from Jawbreaker, Quicksand, and Lifetime, while also (presumably) taking their band name from Alkaline Trio? Sign me up! However, in practice, it’s not quite as perfect. It’s a good debut album, but it doesn’t come without its faults, as minimal as they may be.

If the band’s listed influences haven’t already tipped you off, there’s lots of scratchy shouting, and explosive guitars going on in these songs. This isn’t a bad thing: there’s a reason why so many people responded positively to Lifetime and Jawbreaker in the 90’s and undoubtedly people will respond positively to Goddamnnit doing it now in 2014. And between songs like “Quiet Distractions”, “We Play Craps”, “It’s Over Now” and the title track, How to Take the Burn has a lot to offer to fans of post-hardcore’s heyday.
Even with all of these great things going on throughout How to Take the Burn, something still feels off. The album isn’t even that long (it clocks in at approximately 38 minutes), but it feels like it drags on, especially during its second half. The sequencing might be partially to blame here: putting one acoustic song directly in the middle of the album and a second acoustic jam as the album closer does disrupt the flow, giving off the feel of two separate EPs being thrown together as opposed to one unified body of work. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a bit distracting.

In spite of these complaints, How to Take the Burn is still worth a listen. Even Jawbreaker, Lifetime, and Alkaline Trio all released debut albums that showed lots of strong promise but ultimately the parts were greater than their sum, and the band’s best works were still ahead of them (I suppose that’s debatable in Alkaline Trio’s case but that’s besides the point). There’s a lot about How to Take the Burn that sounds good, and all the right pieces are definitely there, they just don’t all come together as cohesively. At least not this time around: with a little tweaking, Goddamnit could very well be on their way to releasing their own landmark album to be held in high regard by punk rockers twenty years from now.

3.5 / 5 Stars

RIYL: Lifetime, Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio

Goddamnit to tour this May

Philadelphia post-hardcore band Goddamnit will be hitting the road this week in support of their debut album, “How To Take The Burn”.

You can check out the complete list of dates below.

You can also listen to a stream of the album by clicking here.

Full Album Stream: Goddamnit – “How To Take The Burn”

Philadelphia post-hardcore band Goddamnit has just released their newest album, “How To Take The Burn”, today through Creep Records.

The band is streaming the entire album for your listening pleasure, and you can check it out below.

Goddamnit will be hitting the road to promote the new work, so be sure to view a complete list of tour dates and locations below.