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Wiretap Records to celebrate anniversary with free show (Audio Karate, Odd Robot, Get Married, more…)

California-based label Wiretap Records has announced that they will be hosting a show to celebrate their upcoming 4th anniversary.

The 2-day event will be held at the Slidebar in Fullerton, CA on Sept 29th and 30th.  Bands performing will include Audio Karate, Odd Robot, Lost in Society, Get Married, Tiny StillsWolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves, and more!

Chuck Ragan documentary “Landsick” wins “Best Story” award

Big congratulations are in order for Chuck Ragan and the entire team of Landsick!

Chuck Ragan notes, “For our film Landsick to be recognized and win Best Story at the Drake Film Awards was certainly an achievement that wasn’t even in our scope. We all just did what we do and documented it along the way.  To have an honor such as this given to us, it has eased the pain a bit of the endless nights, close calls and time away from family on the road.  Peter Vandergrift and Matt Devlin worked insanely hard at pulling the piles of content together to weave the story that made Landsick the film that it is.”

According to Ragan, “At home, I work as a fly fishing guide and instructor so in so many ways I’m leading a double life going from ‘waking up at 4:30am‘ as opposed to ‘lying down at 3am‘.  Our recent film that’s been showcasing at The Fly Fishing Film Tour depicts that balance between touring, guiding and fatherhood.  It’s far from easy to find much balance but I’m getting closer and learning more about myself from a toddler than I’ve learned from anyone in my 43 years on this planet.”

Landsick will be screened across the country. Times and dates can be found here!

Show Review: Hallowmas 20 With World/Inferno Friendship Society

All photos by Jeff Schaer-Moses Photography
World/Inferno Friendship Society truly puts on one of the best Halloween spectacles in the world.

Danielle Kolker of Brooklyn based folk-punk band Out of System Transfer had to turn down a gig with her other project, Funk Rust Brass Band, on Oct. 31 to tend to a religious obligation. That spiritual commitment was World/Inferno Friendship Society’s annual Halloween rowdy down Hallowmas at The Warsaw. As much as Kolker was half joking with her bandmates about why she had to miss the show, calling what transpired in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on All Hallow’s Eve a religious experience isn’t that far from the truth.

The chief pontificator of The Great Pumpkin Jack Terricloth lead his congregation of crusties, misfits, punks, and weirdos on a nearly two-hour long vision quest of intrigue and drama culminating in a rousing rendition of the old World/Inferno hymn “Pumpkin Time.” Terricloth is a cult unto himself and with his absurdly talented brood behind him, it’s hard not fall hook, line, and sinker for his silver-tongued sermons revolving around the aforementioned gourde, the history of WIFS, and the finer points of mischief-making.

It goes without saying that Halloween is a big night in New York City and even with the likes of Gwar and the Parliament Funkadelic putting on competing shows within the borders of the Big Apple WIFS loyal Infernites still made their way to the National Polish Home in Northwest Brooklyn to worship at the altar of the Great Pumpkin. For those who were counted, they were given a real treat of a show for the 20th annual Hallowmas.

It was definitely an intimate affair for World/Inferno and all the Infernites.

On this special evening World/Inferno decided not to open with their usual score “Tattoos Fade” and went instead with “Ich Erinnere Mich An Die Weimarer Republik” and allowed the crowd to sing out the masterful lyrics “I’m a fag, I’m a Jew, how do you do? That’s Mr. Anarchist to you,” but really the whole evening was just one big singalong. The band went through tunes like “Politics of Passing Out,” “The Brother of the Mayor of Bridgewater,” “And Embarked on a Life of Poverty,” “American Mercurial” “Addicted to Bad Ideas,” “Your Younger Man,” and slew of others while the crowd sloshed along dancing, singing, and drinking. WIFS even had their opening act the Lowdown Brass Band jump on stage to add a few extra horns to certain numbers including the opener and “Pumpkin Time.”

With all the costume-clad dancers and the overall design of The Warsaw the whole event kind of felt like a school dance … if your school hired a band fronted by the twisted love child of Frank Sinatra and Elvira who was possibly baptized by satan. But that’s the real fun of Hallowmas, it’s a night to leave the pretension at home and just jump in the Moshpit dressed as Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan.

There was no way Bill and Ted were going to miss this rock show.

After 20-years of being one of New York City’s best kept Halloween secrets World/Inferno says they are ready for 20 more. Hell, when the fans who are now half the age of the band still come out in droves for the chance to party it up with the Pumpkin King it’s easy to see why Hallowmas is still one of the best punk events in NYC and by far the best yearly punk shows still kicking in the Volcano.

The Lowdown Brass Band really takes their name to heart as they decided to get down low onto the venue’s floor to entertain the hordes.

The Lowdown Brass Band and Of Death opened the evening. Lowdown captured the crowd with their marching band style tunes and high energy. While the crusties got to moshing to Of Deaths almost alt-country affectations.

Here’s hoping Travis James and the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists can open Hallowmas 21 and hats off to Terricloth and the gang for giving all the miscreants something to do on Halloween until the bars close and the real fun can begin.

…And Out Come The New Designs!

BEHOLD!  A new DS design!  With BLACK TEXT ON A WHITE BACKGROUND!  Yes, there are a couple dozen little things we need to clean up and fix still (our next coding session is in 2 weeks) but we wanna know what you think so far.

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If you were going to go to a punk festival in say Long Beach, California next September, which one of these bands would you most want to be in the lineup?

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Hello there.  Welcome.  We know what you’re looking for.  Yes.  You’ve come seeking Punk knowledge and entertainment.  Well you’ve come to the right place.  But it’s Sunday, and Sundays are slow news days.  Rest assured, if something does happen we will post it (look below).  In the meantime you should stay connected to the Scene by joining us on any of our social outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube.  Do it, and do it now.




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Alright.  You’ve realized by now that Dying Scene is by far the best punk news site on the web, and now you want to be a part of it.  Very well.  We’re always looking to add passionate new writers who can help us spread our wealth of punk knowledge to the online masses.  We welcome you with open arms.  BUT FIRST!… you gotta prove you can write.

If you want to join the illustrious ranks of the Dying Scene staffers you need to submit at least one of the following two assignments:

1) Album Review (for those who want to join the Album Review team):

Please select an album that has NOT already been reviewed on Dying Scene.  This should go without saying but choose an album by a band that can be qualified as “punk” or one of punk’s sub-genres.  If I have to explain here what should go into an album review, you’re probably not ready to take on this assignment.  *NOTE: Writing album reviews is HARD.  If you haven’t written an album review before you should go read at least 100 reviews in a row before even attempting it.

2) Three News Stories (for those who want to join the News Writing team):

Write 3 stories on punk bands. They don’t need to be long; if you read Dying Scene you know our stories are usually not more than 6 or 7 sentences.  They can be as simple as a band streaming a new song on their MySpace page, or a band announcing the release date of a coming album.  If you can’t find real stories, just make up fake ones.  Try to write them as close as possible to how you think it would be written on Dying Scene. Pay close attention to things like our line spacing and story title structures.  Make sure you include a title with each story.  The purpose of this exercise is to see if you can string together sentences coherently and that you can fit all relevant info into concise paragraphs. Being witty is always a bonus but typos and improper punctuation don’t help you so proof read before sending!

If you want to join both the Reviews and the News teams, then you can submit both assignments.  Send your submissions to contact (at) (subject: “I wanna work for Dying Scene!” or something to that effect).  If you haven’t already done so, include a little information about yourself, specifically what city you live in, why you want to join the team, and why you think we should hire you.

Good luck.

Johnny X

The Dying Scene Sessions with Joey Briggs (of The Briggs)

Here at Dying Scene, we’ve teamed up with the guys over at to bring you our first ever exclusive content series which we’ve dubbed the Dying Scene Sessions (yeah, we’re starting to feel like actual professionals!) The series will feature acoustic sets from some of our favorite punk acts and we’re stoked to start the series off with a performance by The Briggs lead singer Joey Briggs.

Joey performs a couple of songs off his debut solo release Politics, Touring, And Self-Loathing, as well as a cover of a traditional Irish folk song. You can check them out here.

Check out for tons of live performances from the best bands in punk rock!

We’re fixing things, leave us alone!

johnnyx3Yes, we’ve noticed the site has gotten really slow too.  It’s cuz all you people keep coming here!  I guess getting more popular is a good problem to have so we’re spending the day upgrading our servers and cleaning up some code.  We’ll still be posting news below but please bear with the slowness and occasional outage for a few more hours…

Thanks, peeps! – Dying Scene

UPDATE: … Aaaaaand, we’re back!  Holy sh*t, the site if fast now!  Sorry for the lack of news posts this morning.  We’re going to pump them out double time until we’re all caught up!

Voodoo Glow Skulls looking for a horn player

SWB seeks SWHP (single, white, horn player).  No, you really don’t have to be white (as far as I know, at least), but legendary punk/ska group Voodoo Glow Skulls are now hoping to make an addition to their family.  Here’s what the dudes have to say about it (sorry for the capslock):


So I reckon you should hit them on their MySpace if you’re interested.  Seems like it’d be pretty damn fun to me!

The Glow Skulls have a lot going on this year, including a new album in March and extensive touring.  Dying Scene’s Shows page will fulfill all of your tour info needs!

Slow Scene Sundays

johnnyxSundays.  They’re sorta weird, right?  It’s still technically the weekend so that’s good, but Monday is looming just around the corner which is vaguely depressing.  You’ve got mere hours left to experience life worth living before you report back to the cubicle or the classroom, and while you still have your freedom you should be out grabbing life by the proverbial horns, climbing mountains, getting laid, or getting outta Dodge.  But what are you doing?  You’re sitting in front of the f’ing computer, surfing the Internet instead.  It’s OK though because so are we.  And while we’d love to be dropping some mind-blowing punk news on your lethargic asses there aint sh#!t going on cuz it’s Sunday – a notoriously slow news day.

So while you’ve got time to kill why don’t you come meet some other punk fans or chat with us over IM on the Dying Scene Facebook page?  You can also follow us on Twitter and get notified instantly as soon as something worth reporting happens.  Or don’t.  It’s your life.

Happy New Year Punk Rockers

johnnyxWell, happy new year, punk fans.  Sorry we haven’t had more stories to entertain you with in the last few days but things will surely pick up for the punk scene in the next few days.

Hoping you’re incorporating some good music in your celebrations tonight.  Be safe.

Johnny X


johnnyx11Well happy Thanksgiving, everybody.  Hopefully you’re all sprawled out on living room couches across America, only occasionally jumping online to find out just what Dying Scene might post next.  I, on the other hand, am going to sit in front of this computer ALL day and make sure you all have something to read between face-fulls of turkey and pumpkin pie…

Oh, and for the rest of the world out there, if you didn’t know, Thanksgiving is the day we Americans dress up in costumes, go around knocking on our neighbors doors asking for turkey, which we then stuff in a sack and take home to eat with our loved ones while we celebrate our thankfulness for being independent of the tyrannical rule of those Brits who kept taxing our tea.

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