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Introducing Australian Punks All Hope Remains: FFO of Epi/Fat Skate Punk

All Hope Remains are apparently based in Australia, but I’m finding that hard to believe. Everything from the Euro-English stylings of their name, to the slightly metallic, melancholy-tinged sound screams ‘Alienated European punks who grew up listening to Epi/Fat’ to me. This isn’t the type of Aussie punk that conjures images of board shorts, beers and ‘barbies, it’s something deeper and more brooding than that.

Their latest single ‘Hit Rewind’ is sure to tickle the fancy of skate punks across the world; the opening snare roll and subsequent harmonic-laden guitar riff rolling back the years to when Ten Foot Pole and Pennywise were hotter than an ill-prepared British tourist walking in the Australian sun.

What sets these guys apart is their knack for melody and the clarity of the vocals. Plenty of bands are tight and technical, but few also have hooks that stand out over the flurry of riffs and drums fills that skate punk is heaving with.

Check them out here.

Introducing Ska Punk Act: Legal Disaster

Ska enthusiasts everywhere, rejoice! The time for 4th wave ska is neigh. Seriously, I really do think that 4th wave ska is going to make an appearance in 2019. Particularly if bands like Legal Disaster are going to be leading the charge. This ska-core band hits you in the face with all the classic sounds you’ve grown accustomed to in ska waves 1 through 3. Legal Disaster is a healthy mix of cynicism and joyful apathy. There are a couple of bangers on their latest EP Drugged on War that really grabbed my attention right away. I truly think that their song “We Are the USA” perfectly encapsulates the exact “WTF” feeling I’ve felt since I first realized jet fuel can’t melt steel beams. Honorable mention to “Cigarettes”, it’s got everything; a voice over, anecdotal life advice, and a blatant disregard for said common sense. Check them out below.

Introducing Melodic Hardcore / Skate Punk Act The Stifled (FFO Yankee Brutal, A Dying Regime)

I write this spotlight with mixed emotions. I’m stoked to have discovered a new band that I would love to sign to Dying Scene Records, but I’m f’ing pissed to not have discovered them early enough to have done so. The Stifled is a Baltimore foursome that just released their self-titled debut EP, and if I didn’t know better I’d think this was Dying Scene Records band A Dying Regime partnered up with the singer from DS Records’ first signing, Yankee Brutal. Skate punk with metallic undertones. Melodic vocals with a healthy dose of snarls and gang shouted backups. Fast and heavy. Catchy but angry. My sweet spot. Give the EP a spin below and compare it to a couple choice tracks from Yankee Brutal and A Dying Regime and tell me I’m wrong with this comparison.

Introducing Pop Punk Act: Cassettes (FFO The 80’s + Pop Punk)

From the deep depths of battling seasonal effective disorder, and wistfully thinking about replacing my scarves and fleeced lined tights with shorts and sunglasses—the Cassettes appeared. I desperately needed a mid-January pick-me-up. I had a need for some serious feel good tunes. The Cassettes came in clutch with the release of their debut LP “Wild Heart”. Their light-hearted and high energy 80’s flavored pop punk is exactly what I needed. What can I say; I’m a sucker for catchy 80’s music and solid keyboard solos. This band is the exact slice of summer I have been craving on this miserably cold day. Warm your soul and stream “Wild Heart” below.

Introducing Punk Rock Act: Burnout (FFO Sex Pistols + Descendents)

When thinking of Somerset England, most people think of really nice ciders, the invention of cheese, or possibly even vast rolling green hills that lead to sleepy little villages along the seacoast. Burnout however, is the literal polar opposite of that idyllic slice of Brexit heaven. If you’re the type of person who’s in search of a band with a sound very reminiscent of The Sex Pistols and Descendents; this is your band. Burnout delivers solid bops for when you’re feeling particularly disgusted with your daily routine and lactose intolerance. Relatable, catchy, dynamic and their latest EP “Inside” cover a lot of bases of me. I cannot stop listening to their song “I’m Rational Now”, check it out below.

Introducing The Longest Hall: Floridian Genre-Bending Metalcore Punks

The Longest Hall have a song called “Punch A Nazi In The Face”. That should be enough for you to give them a try, but I’ll expand. The song starts with a driving tom beat that’s more punk than you, references the intro to Fuck Tha Police, then drops a ‘BLEH’ over a riff that makes you want to start a NYHC style pit in your kitchen. All within the first 21 seconds.

Hailing from Florida, the band consists of 3 brothers who clearly grew up loving ALL the music. Genres bleed into one another and you can almost see an excitable trio of men going ‘oh wait, what if we did this next’ in each song. Usually ‘this’ is another breakdown to get you moshing.

Imagine drunkenly stumbling between the practice studios of A Day To Remember, Anti-Flag, All That Remains and Agnostic Front and you’re halfway to understanding the sound these guys have put together. Except sometimes they go full metal. There’s a lot going on!

Check out their debut album here.

Introducing Pop Punk Act: Skyline the City

Skyline the City is one of those bands that is perfect addition to a mid summer’s night drive with your bestie. They are a feel good yet angst-filled band, with infectious melodies and fiery lyrics. They are in the same vein as Broadside, State Champs, and Seaway. If you like coherently eloquent meditations on the human condition; Skyline the City will not disappoint you.

Notably, Skyline the City caught my attention with the songs “Waiting Room” and “Snake Eyes”. Both of these songs have been stuck in my head interchangeably. They are responsible for lyrics like “every word you’ve ever said I get buried in my head.” I felt that shit.

Hailing from the great city of Philadelphia, Skyline the City is a fantastic find. In addition to their discography, they recently put out a new album called Call it Clarity. It was released December 14, 2018. Be sure to check out this band here.

Introducing: Chousand, sadsack pop punk extraordinaires

Alright, so, I’ll get this out of the way: Chousand has a shitty fucking name. It sounds dumb, looks dumb, and feels dumb rolling off my tongue. What’s more frustrating is that Chousand is actually pretty damn good. So, here I am, stuck in the uncomfortable position of telling friends and family they should listen to a band called Chousand, out loud. Over and over. Ad infinitum.

Well, that’s the breaks, I guess. Because, despite my weird, perverse dislike of their name, I love their music. Their self-titled dropped in May of 2018 and somehow totally passed me by—on it, you’ll find some indie-ish, emo-ish pop punk with a youthful, vibrant perspective communicated via sugary-sweet vocal melodies. Think Remo Drive, Joyce Manor, or Modern Baseball and you’re kind of in the ballpark.

The opener, “Cool Me,” is the sort of self-deprecating anthem that gives you a burn in your lungs after too many beers with a lot of words that mean a bit too much at just the right time. It’s that kinda band, and for a lot of folks, that’s all they need to know. 

The whole album is great, with solid songwriting and hooks abound, but what’s better is that if you go to their bandcamp (RIGHT HERE!), the whole thing is free, too—which is pretty cool for a band named Chousand.

Listen below to see what’s up.

Introducing New Funky Punk Act: Spirit of the Wildfire

Spirit of the Wildfire do not sound how you expect them to sound, I can guarantee you that much. I’m not sure exactly what I was thinking of when I heard their name, but it wasn’t a bluesy funk punk band from Nova Scotia, Canada.
If you secretly spin Artic Monkeys records in your alone time after you get home from a punk show, then buddy this is a record for you! Each song is as full of hooks as the industrial fishing stronghold that I can only assume their hometown of Halifax is.

You’ll still be able to blast some of their raucous punk inspired songs at house parties and retain your street cred, don’t worry. But you’ll be just as into their upbeat funky alt-rock little jams, won’t you? You saucy devil.

Listen to their latest release Bittersweet Nothings here.

Introducing New Jersey Hardcore Act: School Drugs (Full EP Stream)

So a while back, I tossed around the idea of writing what was basically a think piece about how there continue to be loads of awesome bands with a variety of interesting influences emerging every year, but for the old guys who grew up on early 80s hardcore, there didn’t seem to be anything new to sink our teeth into. But think pieces are dreadful, so I didn’t write it. Also, turns out, I would have been wrong!

Enter: School Drugs. Hailing from the Jersey Shore, the quartet are hard, fast, angry and aggressive, a byproduct of a knee-jerk educational system that seems hellbent on medicating a generation of school children. It’s like if Bad Brains or Black Flag grew up hooked on Ritalin. Check out their latest, razor-sharp EP Relative Suffering here!

Band Spotlight: Connor Ratliff and Mikey Erg bring us a secular XMAS with “The Spirit of Ratliff”

The punk rock world is wide and weird, and in a joining between comedian Connor Ratliff and the incredibly busy Mikey Erg, it has just gotten a little weirder. Christmas albums aren’t entirely outside of the punk scene’s wheelhouse (just look to Bad Religion and Chris Farren), but this entry might be the most unique I’ve encountered. The Spirit of Ratliff is an ode to the season, delivered with acoustic gusto via songs like, “Have Yourself a Merry Secular Xmas,” “No One Wants A Pizza on Xmas Day,” and “Xmas is Over (Let’s Keep the Lights Up 4 Awhile).” In a more bizarre twist, this album is as much about hating summer (see: “Summer is the Worst”) as much as it is about loving Christmas—secularly, of course.

It is, in a word: ridiculous. But—for a laugh and a little holiday cheer (or to curse the sun), you might just want to take a trip over to State Champion Records and check out the pre-order. The Spirit of Ratliff comes out, appropriately, on Black Friday (11/23), but for a more immediate taste of what the Chris Gethard alums have cooked up, check out the video below for “XMAS is the Best.”

Introducing Ramones-esque Pop-Punk Act: Grimetime

Three songs into Grimetime‘s debut full-length “I Think We Could Do Better” I decided I needed to write a band spotlight for them. While struggling to come up with something witty but descriptive and informative I decided that the band does it better themselves in their own bio…

“Formed during a particularly hot Northern California summer in 2016, Grimetime is another band of dumb guys singing songs about robots, romance, and rough days & nights. Taking a page from The Ramones songbook, their output is pretty simple, aside from the harmonized guitars. While their lyrical content occasionally veers off into the political realm with topics like voluntourism and transgender rights, they usually just wanna catch their crushes eye, drink a beer, and bop the night away. Having just released their first album, they’re now trying to get their name out and make some friends.”

Spot on. Stream their debut below.

Introducing “Salty Punkabilly” Act: Wicked Shallows

Banjos? Check. Fiddle? Check. Rollicking bass lines? Yup. From the band’s own website, “Wicked Shallows is a rowdy up and coming punkabilly band from Portland OR. Their music is the auditory equivalent of a cocktail happy hour on a 1890’s steamship crewed by outlaws.” An apt description. Three songs in and I’ve determined I will see this band live before I die. Stream their new album Parched Earth below.

Introducing New Punk Act: Awake/Alive featuring Luke from Postcript and various Australian singers

Fans of the Australian punk scene will want to take note of this new band. Luke Baird from Melbourne’s melodic punk act Postcript has formed Awake/Alive, which features himself on all instrumentals and vocalists from all over Australia. He’ll be putting out a full-length via Dead Memory Records, and the first track off said release is “Lost For Good” featuring vocals from Tony of Dying Degree.

Check it out below.

Introducing Melodic-Post-Hardcore Act: Searching For Relief

If you like a dash of melody with your hardcore, or a little screaming with your skate punk, or a little rock n roll swagger to your screamo. If from time to time you like to deviate a smidge from the norms of your beloved punk sub-genres, I invite you to step into the fuzzy world of melodic-post-progressive-noise-screamo-[insert ambiguity]-punk with Dutch five piece Searching For Relief. Their brand new EP “Postcard” just hit my inbox and it’s the first new release in weeks I’ve felt compelled to listen to front to back. I won’t bother with the comparisons, because I frankly can’t think of many. Just listen below.