Senses Fail finish new album

Senses Fail are apparently finished recording their fifth studio album, which is likely to be released next year. Here’s a lengthy update from the band:

“Today is our last day at Red Bull Studios.  We just finished the drums, so we’re hanging out in the control room listening to all of the magical sounds!  Did I mention that today is my birthday? Well it is!  When it’s your birthday, Matt does the scratch guitar for the songs, leaving you to drink all day like a champion. 

What do you drink when you are chilling hard as fuck in a baller studio?  I’ll tell you what: A “Crosses Special.”  I’m going to teach you how to make one. 

First, find a couple cuties—the little silly oranges, I mean!  Then, get a knife and cut them in half.  After that, grab a large glass and fill it with ice.  Then, find some vodka (Tito’s or Absolut will do), and pour it into the glass.  You are going for around a four count if you know how to bartend, or just fill it so the glass is a third-full. 

Once your vodka is in there, squeeze those cuties and get all the juice out and into the drink.”

The band’s last album, a 10 year retrospective entitled, Follow Your Bliss: The Best of Senses Fail, was released this past June. Their last studio album, The Fire, was released on 2010 on Vagrant Records.

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