Set It Off boot bassist Austin Kerr for sexual assault allegations; Kerr issues response

Interesting news day from the Set It Off camp.

Earlier today, the Tampa, Florida-based band and Equal Vison Records recording artists had announced that they’ve gone from a five-piece to a four-piece because bassist Austin Kerr had been ousted from the band due to recent allegations of sexual assault that had surfaced against him. In case you missed it, here’s their statement:

Recently we have been made aware of the statements made about our bassist, Austin Kerr. We are taking the situation seriously and have decided that the best thing for the band is to part ways with Austin. We send our deepest apologies to anyone who has ever been affected negatively by his actions. Our fans mean the absolute world to us and their safety and happiness will always be our top priority. We are so grateful for their ongoing support over the years and will do everything we can to make this up to them and move forward from this.

Fast-forward to late this afternoon, and ¬†Kerr responded with a lengthy, detailed statement of his own through his Facebook page, which you can read right here. However, we took the liberty of cutting-and-pasting said statement below. It’s an interesting read, to say the least.

As of two days ago I became aware of some serious allegations against me. There are two sides of every story and then there’s the truth. Fact is, I’m a guy who hasn’t always considered the way people may perceive my actions and while never forceful, there’s situations where I’ve been too pushy in several matters. I am taking full responsibility for my actions and behavior. I am so sorry for the effects of my actions and I apologize to anyone who has ever been made to feel uncomfortable by me in any capacity. I promise you it was NEVER my intention and I never thought I was entitled to anything.

I will carry myself differently in every matter I’m a part of from this day on. Upon first hearing of these matters, I immediately stopped drinking anywhere near shows, and stopped doing anything that might make someone uncomfortable (i.e. hugging them, picking them up, etc.). I will continue for the rest of my life being fully observant of other people’s feelings. After talking with the band, we have all agreed that I should part ways as nothing in this this should be attached to them in any way. I got to live my dream for years. For all the times, lessons and memories, I am so grateful.

Unfortunately attached to these allegations are half stories, exaggerations and untruthful statements. Since the tumblr post was released I have been approached by multiple people by their own accord who were there and can varify that some statements made are fictional or have proof of their falsehoods.

The truth is I’ve made people feel uncomfortable and I’m sorry. I encourage everyone to read into things before they believe them or make judgements. In often cases a lack of proof means something.

Moving forward, I am actively working on improving and making better decisions so that I will never make anyone feel like this again.

Stay tuned for information on this one. Not to editorialize or anything, but something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this situation…

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