SHOCKER: Streetlight Manifesto still fighting with Victory Records

Today marks the extremely delayed, highly anticipated new album from Streetlight Manifesto entitled, “The Hands That Thieve”.

Unless you have been under a rock for the past year almost, you are probably pretty familiar with the issues that Streetlight has been experiencing with their former label bosses, Victory RecordsThe saga is long, convoluted, and in my opinion unnecessary, however, it is not over yet!

In a recent statement, front man Tomas Kalnoky explains that his solo album, “The Hand That Thieves”, will be cancelled for the “foreseeable future”, and that there will be a delay on pre-orders for “The Hands That Thieve” album. More flexing of might from the Victory camp.

You can read Kalnoky’s full statement here, and check out a review we did for the new album here.

Hi guys

It’s with a very heavy heart that I have to announce the following:
1) The Toh Kay album “The Hand That Thieves” has been canceled for the foreseeable future. More details will come to light in the coming days.
2) Due to Victory Records refusal to send us copies of our own new album, there will be another delay in our ability to deliver preorders on time. We hoped to find a compromise with them, up until the bitter end; unfortunately, it just wasn’t possible.

We ask you to once more be patient: we’re working around the clock to find a solution to our gigantic nightmare of a problem. We will be able to fulfill all orders soon, and we maintain that the only way to buy the album without all of the money going to Victory Records (which ironically funds their legal efforts against us) is via the RISC Store.

Thank you for your support during our dark and trying times. We stood up against the largest, meanest, most despised bully in the schoolyard and now we have to face the consequences. Hopefully you’ll stand with us and we can get through this in one piece.
There will be much more information available in the next few days. Thanks.


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