Short Attention (ft. members of The Ergs, Houseboat, and more) stream new 7-inch

Short Attention, featuring members of The Ergs!, Dirt Bike Annie, Steinways, Houseboat, Unlovables, Slaughterhouse Four, and about a billion others has just released its second 7-inch, “Polished Turds: 25 Decent Songs And On By Chris Grivet” on No Breaks Records. On this release they employed friends from other bands ( For Science, Tattle Tales, Dear Landlord, Sinkhole, Hunchback, Dopamines, Dead Mechanical, Kung Fu Monkeys, Screeching Weasel, Peabodys, Blatz, Larry Livermore and many more… ) to write some tunes for them. Confused yet? I know I am.

The longest song clocks in at 34 seconds and you you can stream the entire record right here.

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