Show Review: Hub City Stompers, Mephiskapheles, & The 45 Adapters. Sat Oct 28th Bowery Electric NYC

This past weekend while many of my friends and coworkers headed down to Gainesville Florida for that punk rock extravaganza known as Fest, Me and a few other friends who were stuck in the city for the weekend decided to Skank our Halloween asses silly at the 6th annual Devil’s Night Danse party at the Bowery Electric in New York City, playing that night were two of my favorite Skinhead Ska bands Mephiskapheles and Hub City Stompers who were joined by my new favorite Brooklyn Oi band 45 Adapters.

I’m happy to say we got to the show on time and caught all but the first song from 45 Adapters who played a killer Oi set as the place began to fill up, front man Pickabar belted out song after song to the crowd with the backup of a tight as hell band who I found very impressive and left me wondering why 45 Adapters have been off my radar for so long?

Next to hit the stage was one of my all-time favorite Ska Punk Oi bands; Hub City Stompers, who as they always do, delivered a really fun fast paced set. Front man Reverend Sinister and company were dressed as side show performers, Reverend Sinister as the ring master and the band members as The Bearded lady, a strong man, a half man half woman, and a day of the dead guitarist. Their set hit most if not all the fan favorites and included a reggae cover of Type O Negatives Christian Woman which was a pretty cool treat for this spooky Halloween show.

After Reverend Sinister and his parish left the stage Mephiskapheles took over dressed as some sort of satanic monks and they proceeded to play their 1997 album Maximum Perversion in its entirety along with some other favorite hits from back in the day, and let me bare witness Mephiskapheles know how to put on a show, they worked the already well warmed crowd into a hellish whirlwind of skanking satanists bent on a good time, and yes a good time was had by all The Devils Night Danse was definitely the cure for the no Fest blues.
If you’re not already a fan of these bands check them out…Mephiskapheles, Hub City Stompers and 45 Adapters…This is a lineup that needs to tour, absolutely amazing!

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