Show Review: The Stayouts (folk-punk) @ Fiume (Philadelphia), 8.8.16

Finding Fiume proved to be a difficult experience. But stepping into the hole-in-the-wall establishment was instantly gratifying – the small space boasts a bar to the right upon walking in and a small circular alcove where bands have a solid six feet of space to play. This made for an intimate and cozy setting and I immediately got lost in the wall of beer selections, to which I just asked the kind bartender for a recommendation.

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The first and last time I had seen Grayson Alldayo and Jeff Butler play was at this year’s Punk Island where they killed it with My Pizza My World. I remember the performance to be so charming and eclectic, and I hoped that Alldayo and Butler could pull off the same kind of big sound pizzazz as just a duo. The Stayouts have been rocking about for years and years now, but the group went inactive for the past few, and being able to see their first actual show had me buzzing with excitement.

The boys opened up with “Dirty River,” a tune that swings and sways and transitioned beautifully into a cover of Mischief Brew’s “Midnight Special” which had the small room of friends old and new singing along with full gusto. In between songs, Alldayo made a point to say how much he appreciated everyone coming out, and how thankful he was to be in Philadelphia. “Splits” was my favorite song of the night, written by Butler. This track begs for a good recording and I can’t wait to listen to it on repeat.

“The Folly,” “Canaries,” and “Starin’ At Your Bones” were all wonderfully composed straight up folk songs, each better than the last. The pair takes story telling and prose and masks both into an absolutely enjoyable listening experience, leaving one nostalgic for what could have been better days. The Stayouts have that old, hometown chemistry that lets you in, wraps you up, and leaves you wanting more.

The band is embarking on a quick mini-tour along the east coast this week, from Philadelphia to Boston. Be sure to check them out if they’re coming to a town near you. You can check out the events page here to see dates and times.

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