Silverstein stream new acoustic EP “The Afterglow / Aquamarine”

Canadian post-hardcore veterans (Rise Records) Silverstein have just released a new acoustic EP which features acoustic versions of “The Afterglow,” and “Aquamarine.”

These two tracks come off of their most recent release of “Dead Reflection” which according to the band, “ is the culmination of Silverstein’s sonic growth and the personal journeys entangled in the band’s 18 year career, so the shift to a reflective sound on the new EP felt appropriate.” 

Furthermore, the band’s vocalist Shane Told notes, “it’s not easy to take a screaming-heavy hardcore part and turn it into an emotional part that your Mom would be into, but we love that challenge. It’s cool to see a song that’s only ever been thought of one way in a completely different light.” 

You can stream the EP here.

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