Slow Scene Sundays

johnnyxSundays.  They’re sorta weird, right?  It’s still technically the weekend so that’s good, but Monday is looming just around the corner which is vaguely depressing.  You’ve got mere hours left to experience life worth living before you report back to the cubicle or the classroom, and while you still have your freedom you should be out grabbing life by the proverbial horns, climbing mountains, getting laid, or getting outta Dodge.  But what are you doing?  You’re sitting in front of the f’ing computer, surfing the Internet instead.  It’s OK though because so are we.  And while we’d love to be dropping some mind-blowing punk news on your lethargic asses there aint sh#!t going on cuz it’s Sunday – a notoriously slow news day.

So while you’ve got time to kill why don’t you come meet some other punk fans or chat with us over IM on the Dying Scene Facebook page?  You can also follow us on Twitter and get notified instantly as soon as something worth reporting happens.  Or don’t.  It’s your life.

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