Sniper 66 announce new album, release video for “Make It Mine”

Texas punks Sniper 66 have released a music video for “Make It Mine” off their upcoming album Annihilator, which is due out November 14 via Evacuate Records. Pre-order bundles are available here.

Their last release was 2016’s Buried With Your Boots On.

Check out the video below.


I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders today.
They said I could be what I wanted to be, but I don’t think I have a say.
“Get a job.. Go to work..”, then slave your life away.
The weight of the world is crashing down on me..
I got one foot in the grave.

Fire burn away my misery..
I know that I will break through.
Out of the ashes is born a brand new me..
To rise and begin anew.
Leaving mistakes of my past behind..
There’s nothing I can undo.
It’s my life I’m gonna make it mine..
I’m gonna make it mine.

I made a choice now I’m making a stand. I’m only living for me.
You only get one life and I plan to live it, I don’t care if you agree.
Every day’s.. A new day.. I’ve got no time to waste.
Life is too short, and there’s not enough time to be stuck doing what you hate.


Tonight I’ll fight..
I am living for tomorrow.
Fight for what’s mine..
I will still live for today.
I’ll burn so bright..
I won’t be held down by sorrow.
I won’t resign..
Lift me up, my friends and family.

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