Sonic Boom Six detail new album “The F-Bomb”

Manchester, UK progressive ska-punk/punk-hop band Sonic Boom Six have just announced that on May 27th they’ll be putting out a “double disc” release consisting of a new 10 song album titled “The F-Bomb” on one disc and a recording of a live show taken from the band’s set at Norwich’s venue The Owl Sanctuary November 7th, 2015.

Here’s a blurb from their press release:

“Across The F-Bomb’s ten tracks (and the record’s unflinching cover art) Sonic Boom Six will tackle the hotly-contested subject of female identify head-on, through missives on body image, immigration, gender politics, and domestic abuse. Musically, the record enjoys all the imaginative genre-hopping that Sonic Boom Six are admired for.”

Pre-orders for the album are available here through Cherry Red Records and you can check out the track listing for the deluxe edition below.

The F Bomb – The New Album

1. No Man, No Right
2. From The Fire To The Frying Pan
3. Do What You Wanna Do
4. Drop The Bass (And Pick It Up)
5. Train Leaves Tomorrow
6. L.O.V.E
7. Worship Yourself
8. Joanna
9. All The Same To Me
10. Echoes In The Dark

Disc 2 – Live from Norwich Owl Sanctuary

1. Bigger Than Punk Rock
2. Virus
3. No Man, No Right
4. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
5. Do What You Wanna Do
6. Sound of a Revolution
7. L.O.V.E
8. All In / Monkey See Monkey Do
9. Northern Skies
10. Drop The Bass (And Pick It Up)
11. Piggy in the Middle
12. Joanna
13. The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions
14. For the Kids of the Multiculture
15. Blood for Oil

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