Spoken word artist Trey The Ruler performs new poem “Campfire” – (surprisingly good)

I must admit, when I saw a submission for spoken word artist Trey The Ruler performing a new poem called “Campfire” come in I almost deleted it on the spot.  Spoken word artist?  What the hell is that?  Out of pure curiosity I watched the video he did with the dudes at Punks In Vegas and I gotta say, I was moved!  By poetry!  I didn’t know I had it in me and I didn’t know something like a spoken word poet could be so punk rock (apparently this dude has toured with a bunch of punk bands).  Anyway, his work is… dare I say it… quite beautiful, and I recommend checking out this video of him doing “Campfire.”  If the video intrigues you Trey The Ruler has a whole album of poems you can stream and/or download for free here.


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