State of Mine/The Octopussys: Split CD

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This review focuses on The Octopussys side of the split CD with State Of Mine. The Octopussys have been around the scene longer than State of Mine and carry more of a fast-pop-punk sound. These guys surprised me as I had never heard of them before this split. “Burger King” opens with tech style guitars that hit you right away. Thibaut is the vocalist and he brings us more of a poppier voice that definitely compliments the style of music. He has this raspy’ness to his vocals and you can hear a little bit of a Belgium accent (which is always good in my books). In general, when thinking of Octopussys, think of Mxpx, (older) Slick Shoes, The Starting Line…and add some NUFAN for dessert.

“Succubus” is next and the guitars really struck me at around the .35 second mark (very melodic and original) and they continue on with it in the song afterward. But that’s not all, some Forus style guitar attacks are included as well, sick stuff! *Side note: Check out the band’s cover of “Maniac” on their myspace!* A darn good track.”Burning Calories is Bad for Business” flows perfectly with the previous track therefore it would be (and surely is) a nice connecty bit live. The best part of this song is the vocal pattern that Thibaut has at around the .55 second mark. Very strong outro as well, guitar-monies galore! “State of Emergency” brings the speed – simple as that, and is quite Forus like. I was waiting for this type of track when listening to their side of the split and I was happy that it was as strong as I had envisioned it. The more and more you listen to the vocals, the more you appreciate them. A point that had to be mentioned. “I Fucked Up Again”ends this release with a “single” type song about life in general, and relationships. I dig the drums on this track, good ride work and blast beats are added which always makes me smile. I didn’t expect to see that element added to this track, compared to the others for example, so it’s a good idea by the band. In closing, the piano can be heard and it brings the final touch: punk can also have glamor. Enjoy.

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