Stick to Your Guns to release new album in 2014

Stick to Your Guns guitarist Josh James, who joined the band last year, recently told Property of Zack that they have a new album in the works, which is expected to be out next year. He states:

“We’re going to take some time off, but what will happen every single time we say we’re going to take some time off, is another tour comes along. We love touring so much that we end up taking it. Jesse and I, actually in the last two days, have been working on a new song. When we just had a couple of weeks off, Chris was working on some songs. So we’ve actually already started working on new music, we just figured we’d go ahead and get a jump start on it now so that by the time…when the time comes for us to really crack down, we’ll have a really huge selection of songs to pick from instead of just, ‘Okay we need twelve songs for the record.’ I’d love to have twenty songs and pick out the twelve best or whatever. So we’ve started working on shit now, and I’m not going to guarantee, but the goal is to have a new record out in 2014.”

Stick to Your Guns last released The Hope Division a year ago on Sumerian Records.

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