Stoj Snak streams “Fuck EP”

Danish screamer-songwriter, Stoj Snak, is streaming his new EP, Fuck, which was released yesterday. Despite the aggressive sounding title, Snak intends it to carry a message of love and acceptance.  On his Bandcamp page, he explained his lyrical choices:

“You wouldn’t think that writing songs about free, consensual sex would make much sense this day of age – in fact I almost threw out this song because I thought the lyrics were outdated and redundant. However, every now and then ridicules and quite scary events (like the Russian anti-gay laws) occur to remind us that the freedom to be who you are and express your love the way that you find best is not prevailing everywhere and that this freedom is something still worth standing up for. If for nothing else than to show everyone, who feel that their sexuality, choice of partner(s) or whatever is being looked down upon in one way or another, that we are many people everywhere who are on their side.

Love is one of the few uncorrupted things that make this world worth living in. So fuck how you want to fuck. And if anyone else tries to tell you differently; fuck them!

This EP is for everyone who dares to love…”

If that sounds like your sort of thing, the EP is available for streaming or pay-what-you-want download on Stoj Snak’s bandcamp, or right here.

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