Stray Bullets running “Black Friday Sale” on new album “Ghost Town Rockers” to raise money for a good cause

Boston’s ska infused punk act Stray Bullets are running a special “Black Friday Sale” on their new album “Ghost Town Rockers” in which 100% of the proceeds will be used to provide warm clothes to the homeless.  Read what the band has to say about it below and purchase/stream the album on bandcamp.

Ok, check it out: Earlier this month, the City of Boston closed the Long Island Bridge, the only means of connecting Long Island to the mainland. Long Island is the home to over 20 social service programs, including a homeless shelter. What this means is that that this not only leaves over 400 homeless people out in the cold this winter, but also denies staff access to anything and everything on the island that could in any way help these people. So here’s the pitch: from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, we’re selling our new record for 43% ON…what’s 43% on mean, you ask? What this means, is that our album, which normally goes for $7, will be $10, for FOUR DAYS ONLY! ACT NOW! What this also means is that 100% OF SALES OVER THESE FOUR DAYS WILL GO TOWARDS PURCHASING NEW WARM SOCKS, HATS, COATS, AND GLOVES FOR THIS NEWLY DISPLACED HOMELESS POPULATION. Our label, Dying Scene Records (who are lovely for letting us do this), suggested selling the album for $5 in order to generate sales, but we decided that due to our general feelings about Black Friday’s consumerist crap culture, as well as our questionable faith in humanity, we would up the price instead. So, while you’re camped out outside Walmart waiting on that flat screen TV shoddily built by child labor that doesn’t have all its parts, or between fistfights at Toys’R’Us over that last Dayglo Barbie, click the link and buy a copy (hell, buy two) of our album. Already own it? Give it as a gift. And please, share this post. After all, this is the season of giving, right?

Happy Holidays, stay warm out there.

Stray Bullets

“Ghost Town Rockers” was released last month by the sexy bitches at Dying Scene Records.

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