Stream “Classic Themes Never Get Old” from upcoming Antillectual album

Antillectual have posted another new song off their upcoming album Start From Scratch. The song is titled “Classic Themes Never Get Old” and you can give it a listen (as well check out the liner notes and lyrics) here. Fans of Propagandhi will probably dig this track.

The band had this to say on the song:

Contrary to the other songs, this song has absolutely nothing to do with current affairs. Or does it? “Classic Themes Never Get Old” is an ode to issues we should never forget about, even though media hypes focus on other stuff and some themes might not seem very popular to address these days. An ode to worn off patches, graffiti on squatted walls and the roots of our movement.

“Start From Scratch” is planned for a November 1 release and until then the band will be streaming one new song from the album each week.

The band’s last album Testimony was released in 2008.

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