Album Review: Streetlight Manifesto – “Keasby Nights”

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Streetlight Manifesto’s translation of Catch 22’s timeless album Keasby Nights resonates as a polished piece of work that only Streetlight Manifesto could deliver.

I’ve always been a fan of singer/songwriter Tomas Kalnoky’s music, and Keasby Nights is no exception. While musically, this album may not be as complex as Streetlight’s newer material, it has just as much heart as anything else Kalnoky has made. The songs may be seem lighter and more upbeat, but don’t be fooled; they are still full of emotion.

This is the album for the angst-y, depressed, or socially-awkward teenager. Tomas takes us on a musical voyage through his high school experiences. It’s music that I found I could identify with, and that’s one thing I appreciate most in a song.

As far as musicianship goes, none can top Streetlight Manifesto in skill. Every member does his part, and the result is a fine-tuned album called Keasby Nights.

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