Struggle Session (hardcore punk) release release short Morocco/Spain tour documentary

Beijing fun hardcore punk band Struggle Session recently embarked on a tour of Morocco and Spain, which they documented and logged. The final result of their epic journey is a 20-minute long documentary of the tour, which includes clips of shows, dialogue from the band members, and a peak in to the punk rock scenes around the world.

After an onslaught of great scenery, amazing hospitality, sick bands, amazing local scenes, hidden gems, and festivals, Struggle Session had no choice but to share this tour doc with the hope of promoting the scenes that exist and encouraging bands to get themselves over to these countries to get involved with the rad communities that exist there. 

The band summed up their tour nicely:

Morocco is rad… go there.

It really looks like that is true based on what we see in the clips, so if you need the extra kick to go visit or maybe tour with your own band, check this video out and see what lies in store for you just across the pond. You can check the video out below.

Struggle Session’s last release was a split LP in June 2017 with Guangzhou’s own hardcore rippers DieChiwawa! Die!.


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