Sublime’s Bud Gaugh comments on the possibility of more archive recordings being released

In a recent interviewSublime drummer Bud Gaugh said that the ska icons who released the live album 3 Ring Circus: Live at the Palace last Tuesday may release more archived recordings containing live material. He states:

“There’s definitely a lot more video footage that we came across. We’re going through it a little bit at a time and sorting out. We had good shows, bad shows, good shows with bad recordings, bad shows with good recordings. We were big fans of ‘press record now, no matter what,’ so there’s a lot of work in there.” 

Sublime broke up right after the death of their frontman Bradley Nowell on May 25, 1996. They last released their multi-platinum self-titled record in July of that year. The band is now known as Sublime With Rome, featuring Rome Ramirez as the new singer and guitarist.

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