Suicidal Tendencies record drum tracks at Dr. Dre’s studio

Yeah, I know we don’t cover rap music, but frontman Mike Muir recently told Australia’s Tone Deaf that Suicidal Tendencies were tracking drums at Dr Dre’s exclusive Interscope Studio. He states,

“A friend of ours is a good friend with some people. They said ok and let us in for a few days. They don’t let anyone record in there but they let us in, so that was cool.”

Mike also stated that Suicidal Tendencies have already “recorded hundreds and hundreds of tracks that we like”, adding “Most of the time we’re just happy liking the stuff without actually putting it out. We’re taking a slightly different approach this time and recording with the actual intent of putting it out.”

Suicidal Tendencies haven’t released a studio album featuring all-new material since Free Your Soul and Save My Mind in 2000 and three new albums are said to be completed, although neither of them have a release date.

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