Suicidal Tendencies to release an EP and new album this year

Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir apparently told The Bulletin that the band will release a new EP, followed by an album with all-new material, this year. He did not reveal any information about these new releases, but hinted that these may be the band’s final recordings. Muir did say, however, that he is open to continuing Suicidal without any new releases:

“Musically, style-wise, more people are like, ‘Is it punk, is it metal, is it this, is it that?’ They’re into categories. But it goes back to my dad; my dad said, ‘You never know what you’re gonna like until you find something that moves you,’ whether that’s physically or mentally. We’re more concerned on if something’s gonna move somebody mentally or emotionally, rather than this certain style.”

Suicidal Tendencies, who are currently on tour with Megadeth, released their most recent album, ironically titled 13, in 2013.

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