Svetlanas frontwoman talks upcoming releases, returning to the states for Upstart Fest & why vodka is better than whiskey

I recently had a brief and somewhat confusing interview with Svetlanas front woman and ex KGB Spy Olga. It may seem a bit convoluted but when speaking to someone as frightening as Olga is, one may find it easier to just listen and take notes.  Although she may only be about five foot two inches tall she tends to dominate the room and the conversation with a commanding presence, and a thousand yard dead pan stare that lets you know she is in control.  Also note that this interview is verbatim hence her answers are in somewhat broken English and not poor grammar on my part. Which I felt added to the character of the story and this very interesting woman (helps if you read her answers in your head with a Russian accent).

Check out the interview below.

Svetlanas most recent album “Tales From the Alpha Brigade” was released last summer through Altercation Records.

DS: I am very excited to know that Svetlanas are returning to the United States to record a new EP with Blag Dahlia as well as do some touring, what insight can you give us as far as the new EP goes?

Olga: Yes we return to United States to do new recording with Blag of The Dwarves…  He is what Americans call “Top Notch” recording guy and Svetlanas are happy to do this recordings with him, Dwarves are cool!

DS: What can you tell us about the new record. What can we expect?

Olga: Maybe you walk to middle of Red Square in winter time, remove the clothing and do ice bucket challenge, so you get idea of new EP…Or maybe is a fist of Ivan Drago straight in your face yes?

DS: OK…I understand you will also be releasing a 7” split with the Adolescents in the next few months as well, what can you tell us about that?

Olga: I can tell you it will be great, yes? Adolescents are true legends and it is honor to release this split 7” record with them, two songs of each band on one 7 inch vinyl…very cool!…But remember this is a war!

DS: I will…Now both of these releases will be with your label Altercation Records, correct? How is it being signed to them?

Olga: Svetlanas fight war everyday…  And so Altercation does fight war on the corporate rock…  I say this is perfect match.

DS: Plus they have the Altercation BBQ every spring. I know you’ve played it twice now during SXSW…how was it?

Olga: First time I played Altercation BBQ I said Wow! But where is grilled children? (Laughs) But no joking Mr. If you are true punk rocker there is only one major event in Austin during SXSW Festival and that is the Altercation BBQ…  No Question!

DS: Now, you will also be doing some shows while you are here in the states this September and October, correct?

Olga: Of course yes to that, we do two of these shows in south of California, one in the Sin City of Lost Vegas and then we do nine of them in East of U.S. with the Upstart Fest.

DS: This will be your second time on Upstart Fest correct, I guess you like it?

Olga: Oh yes this is correct Mr. And yes Upstart Fest is historical event, as an equal to first journey into outer space…The Juri Gagarin one!

DS: But while on the road you will be sticking with Vodka and not American Whiskey I understand?

Olga: No Whiskey! Vodka all the way man! If you get drunk with Whiskey you cure hangover with one shot Vodka! Is true!… And who got tougher name… Molotov Vodka or Jack Daniels Whiskey?

DS: As we all know there is currently a lot of tension between Russia and the U.S. Do you have anything to say on how these tensions are perceived from a Russian point of view?

Olga: Yes…Olga have much to say, but maybe too much for interview…So I make simple for you. OK…You Americans have many government problems of corruption and greed yes? I know this is true…So do we in Mother Russia…Putin wants to destroy Russia, he and his Nashi can suck my dick…Russia is fabulous place of wonderful people, we are much the same as Americans yes? It is our governments that are problem I say, not people.

DS: I Agree, Olga. Thank you very much for your time and the interview.

Olga: Thanks to you Mr. Joe, and thanks to your Dying Scene for helping the punk rock stay strong as shot of good vodka yes (Winks and smiles).

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