Swingin’ Utters tribute album details

swingin-utters-tributeDetails around the much anticipated Swingin’ Utters tribute album have finally been released by the folks at punknews.

The release is titled Untitled 21: A Juvenile Tribute to Swingin’ Utters and it will be released via Red Scare Records on February 16th.  Over 30 bands (we’re talking good, recognizable punk bands) have contributed to the release (tracklist here) and the artwork is <= yonder.

1. Useless ID “Unpopular Again”
2. Smalltown “Politician”
3. Roll The Tanks “Windspitting Punk”
4. Dropkick Murphys “Strongman”
5. Cobra Skulls “If You Want Me To”
6. Moonshine “Back To You”
7. Broke ‘Til Thursday “As You Start Leaving”
8. Flatfoot 56 “Looking For Something To Follow”
9. La Plebe “All That I Can Give”
10. Fucked Up “Lazer Attack”
11. The Hollowpoints “From The Observatory”
12. The Fucking Buckaroos “Fruitless Fortunes”
13. Teenage Bottlerocket “London Drunk”
14. Everybody Out! “No Time To Play”
15. Vultures United “To Return Now”
16. Off With Their Heads “Next In Line”
17. Massacre Time “Nine To Five”
18. 18 The Frantic “Heaven At Seventeen”
19. Street Dogs “Dirty Sea”
20. Jonny Two Bags “Pills & Smoke”
21. The Sore Thumbs “15th And T”
22. The Oozzies “Storybook Disease”
23. The Outlaw Dance Society “Smokestack Dreads”
24. Blag Jesus and the Druglords of the Avenues “Jackie Jab”
25. Joe Coffee “Smoke Like A Girl”
26. Left Alone “23”
27. Zero Bullshit “Something Sticky”
28. Russ Rankin “Beached Sailor”
29. Teen Idols “Five Lessons Learned”
30. The Departed “I Need Feedback”
31. The Forgotten “Catastrophe”

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