DS Staff Picks: Dylan’s Favorite Punk Albums, EPs & Things of March, 2023 (Presented by Punk Rock Radar)

Hello, and welcome to the March, 2023 edition of Dylan’s Favorite Punk Albums, EPs & Things! This is the column where I, Dylan (otherwise known as Screeching Bottlerocket), tell you what new punk rock albums, EPs, singles, etc. I enjoyed the most this month. March was jam-packed with new releases (especially in the last week), so […]

Hello, and welcome to the March, 2023 edition of Dylan’s Favorite Punk Albums, EPs & Things! This is the column where I, Dylan (otherwise known as Screeching Bottlerocket), tell you what new punk rock albums, EPs, singles, etc. I enjoyed the most this month. March was jam-packed with new releases (especially in the last week), so there’s no doubt some stuff I missed. Maybe we’ll circle back to some of the really good stuff that came out on the 31st in next month’s column.

This is a collaborative effort with our friends at Punk Rock Radar, with whom I’ll be doing a video version of this Best Of wrap-up each month. If you like discovering awesome new punk bands as much as I do, I highly recommend following Punk Rock Radar on Instagram and YouTube, and keeping tabs on their Upcoming Release Calendar.

Here’s our video for March (let us know what your favorite releases of the month were in the YouTube comments):

On A Wing And A Prayer

Italian skate punks Thousand Oaks released a new album completely out of the blue and I ain’t complaining. On A Wing And A Prayer is their best album yet. If you like technical melodic skate punk like A Wilhelm Scream, This Is A Standoff, or Jet Market (these guys used to be in that band), this is a must listen. Sidebar: someone really needs to step up and put this shit out on vinyl. Incredible record.

Ten Stories High

This new Bouncing Souls record is killer. I’ve probably listened to it 100 times since I got my review copy back in January (Wanna get super early access to bad ass new music? Hit us up and become a contributor!). I already wrote an album review for this and I don’t have much else to say beyond that. “True Believer Radio” is my favorite song on Ten Stories High.

Secret Kombinations

If you’ve even been kinda-sorta paying attention for the last few months, you’ve probably seen me post something about this album. I’ve run out of new things to say, so here’s an excerpt from my album review: “Bridge The Gap’s lineup is comprised of members of long defunct Salt Lake City punk band Unfold, in which they released an album over 20 years ago. When paired with the warchest of knowledge Bill Stevenson brings to the table, that past experience pays dividends on Secret Kombinations. Bridge The Gap put their spin on the skate punk conventions of yesteryear, and the end result is an ultra-polished record with laser focused musical direction.”

Between Punk and Bourgeois

German melodic punks Baxter have been around over 20 years, but I just recently discovered them with their new album Between Punk and Bourgeois. This is a fantastic record. Our friends at Punk Rock Radar are releasing it on cassette – get it here.

The Chosen One

Look, it’s another Italian band! Weekend Cigarettes remind me a lil bit of like Sum 41 meets Rise Against. The Chosen One is a really polished, well produced album. Check it out:


This one could have been on April’s list, but Shield Recordings put it out early. With their new album CVLT, Dutch punks Harsh Realms deliver 13 powerful, anthemic tracks that will be enjoyed by fans of The Menzingers, The Flatliners, Red City Radio, etc.


One of my favorite discoveries of the month is Newcastle, Australia’s Melvic Centre. This is a one-man punk band started by a kid named Will Mitchell. His self-titled debut album was recorded with Frenzal Rhomb singer Jason Whalley at his recording studio The Pet Food Factory. It’s kinda orgcore-ish, but also kinda skate-punk; there’s even a hardcore song! This dude is a versatile musician. Highly recommended listening.


I’d been looking forward to German melodic punk band Melonball’s debut album Breathe since I heard the first single “Sicker” back in January. So I was super stoked when Thousand Islands Records asked if I wanted to host the album’s exclusive premiere. Are you kidding me? Of course I did! The whole record is as good as that first single. If unrelentingly fast, aggressive skate punk is what you seek, Breathe is the album for you.

The Road to Sedition

Seven years after the stellar Increasing the Minimum Rage, UK ska-punks Faintest Idea march on with their new album The Road to Sedition. This record delivers more of the hard and heavy, politically conscious skacore these guys are known for. This thing’s all killer, no filler, but if I had to pick a favorite song it would probably be “False Prophets”.

Take Me Away

Here’s another one for my fellow technical skate punk fans: Australian melodic punks Fake News‘ new EP Take Me Away is a god damn banger. My only complaint is it’s not a full-length album! For more, check out their 2021 debut Everyday Warrior.


Primetime Failure joins their countrymen Melonball and Harsh Realms as the third German band on this month’s list. Their new EP Oxygen has some their best songs yet. If you’re a fan of 90’s melodic punk and the “Epifat” sound, this shit’s right up your alley.

TV Generation

Toronto pop-punk band Fluffio’s debut EP TV Generation is a 4-song ripper with hints of Green Day and Blink 182 influence sprinkled throughout. What their sound reminds me of most is the Suicide Machines‘ poppier output. If that sounds like something you’d be into, check it out:

A Little Advice

I’d never heard of Dutch punks Toska Fall before, but their new EP A Little Advice was a great introduction (especially the title track, that mofo’s a ripper). It’s also available on vinyl with the band’s last EP It Falls Apart on the B-Side; get that here (US), here (EU), or here (UK).

Thought It Was Yoga But It Was Ketamine

This is the second single from Frenzal’s long awaited new album The Cup of Pestilence, due out April 7th on Fat Wreck Chords. Spoiler: the rest of the record is even better than the singles.

Serenity Now

Oslo, Norway’s Fights popped up on my radar with the release of their new single “Serenity Now”. I was immediately taken aback by their unique “boogiecore” sound, which fuses elements of hardcore punk and boogie rock. Shit’s super unique. Read Dying Scene’s Band Spotlight on them to learn more.


I’ve been hyping up Los Angeles pop-punk band NOT for months now. The project ft. members of Sharp/Shock & Mercy Music recorded an album of songs that recreate that distinct ALL / Descendents sound. Stop the World is due out April 7th on Wiretap RecordsBrassneck Records, and Waterslide Records. “Alien” is my favorite track released so far from one of my most anticipated albums of 2023.

I’ll Be Seeing You

SoCal punk veterans Jughead’s Revenge are gearing up to release their comeback EP Vultures, and our first taste is the blazing fast skate punk ripper “I’ll Be Seeing You”. Vultures releases May 5th on SBÄM Records. You guys are gonna love it.


Columbus punks Prime Directive‘s new single “Reaper” is a catchy horror punk track with a cool Graves-era Misfits kinda feel. The music video’s pretty fuckin’ sweet, too.

Love You / Need You

Hey! These guys are in that band NOT that we discussed earlier. Well, Mercy Music is their main band and they have a new record called What You Stand To Lose coming June 30th on SBÄM Records. This first single “Love You / Need You” is excellent and has that newer Flatliners kinda feel. I really like it. I pre-ordered the record, have you? Also worth noting they’re on tour right now with Unwritten Law and Authority Zero.

What You Want

We talked about these Aussie newcomers last month when they dropped their first single “Left for Dead“. That was a super fast skate punk song, this new one has more of an early 2000’s Blink vibe (just listen to the guitars). Really looking forward to their debut EP.

That concludes the March installment of the column. Thanks for checking it out! Keep your eyes glued to Dying Scene for all things punk rock and follow our friends Punk Rock Radar on InstagramYouTube, etc. and be sure to join us again for the April edition! Like I said, a lot of good shit snuck in on the last day of March, so we’ll probably circle back to some of that in the next column.

Here’s a Spotify playlist with songs from all the releases featured in Dying Scene & Punk Rock Radar’s Best of 2023 series so far:

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