“The Big 4 of ’90s Punk Rock” gains controversy

You’ve all heard the news about this tour called “The Big 4 of ’90s Punk Rock” (featuring Bad Religion, The Offspring, Green Day and Rancid), right? Well, apparently it has gained controversy. People have been posting comments on the tour’s Facebook page asking why NOFX are not part of the “Big 4”.

It would appear that the owner of the Facebook page has been feuding with the people who ask for NOFX and sometimes deletes their comments or tells them they’re not in the “Big 4” because of the fact that they never got the same popularity as Bad Religion, The Offspring, Green Day and Rancid. For example, the owner would say something like, “Sorry if you thought I was being harsh, but they don’t belong in the Big 4, just Bad Religion, The Offspring, Green Day and Rancid. The reason they all belong in the Big 4 is because they all achieved the same height of popularity back in the ’90s. NOFX never got to do that, which is why they’re not in the Big 4. Fat Mike even insisted that he never wanted NOFX to be as big as The Offspring or Green Day. So, that’s another reason why NOFX is not included.”

What a strange reason to not include NOFX in the “Big 4”, I know they’ve been getting more popular since Punk in Drublic came out. Even some fans are offended by this idea and have been asking for NOFX as a replacement for Green Day or The Offspring. Now the “Big 4” Facebook page is being rivaled by another Facebook page called Big 5 version of ’90s Punk Rock, which features Bad Religion, Rancid, NOFX, Pennywise and The Offspring.

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  • I might argue that NOFX should be there in place of Bad Religion. Obviously Bad Religion’s output in the 90’s is super important to the development of punk rock, but I feel like they were already established as a force to be reckoned with before the 90’s even happened (especially after the 1-2-3 punch of Suffer, Against the Grain and No Control) while the other bands were still developing their respective sounds. And then 1994 (okay, 1995 for Rancid) happened and they all finally had that sound that could be defined as their own, just as Bad Religion had done before them.

  • As far as I know NOFX have sold more records than Rancid.

    • NOFX probably have sold more records than Rancid overall. They have put out a lot more albums over the years so that makes prefect sense. But they never had a single CD that sold as much as “And Out Come The Wolves” (or possibly “Life Won’t Wait”, I’m not sure about that one). “Wolves” was a platinum record and the best NOFX ever did was sell gold on “Punk In Drublic”. And I’ve never heard NOFX on the radio. If I were to listen to my local 90’s radio station today, I would hear about 4 songs from Green Day , 2 or 3 from Offspring and 1 each from Bad Religion and Rancid and that is why they are “the big 4 of 90’s punk rock”.

  • Dexter of the Offspring doesn’t like NOFX at all, especially Fat Mike. And considering how NOFX acts on tour (Warped Tour 06) Dexter would probably cry the whole time. I don’t like seeing NOFX with big label artists, so I’m glad they are not on the tour.

  • What an awesome tour! Though like 0.05% chance of them going to dubai . . .

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