The Domestics and Pizza Tramp Unite on 5″ Concept Album “Discipline”

Two of the UK’s best-loved purveyors of brief blasts of hardcore punk have teamed up to create a concept album. London’s The Domestics provide the three tracks from Side A of the split 5″. Meanwhile, Welsh three-piece Pizza Tramp serve up the rest.

Although many punk bands excel at condensing all they’ve got to say into moments rather than minutes, these two groups are well known for taking the convention to the next level. Discipline sees both bands blast through their contributions in around sixty seconds flat.

According to a press release about the concept piece, TNS Records stated:

“A concept record? A totally stupid record? A disciplined record? All three possibly…”

The release itself will be handled by TNS. They’re aiming to have Discipline out on November 3. If you can’t wait that long, you can pre-order the split here and listen to The Domestics side below.


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