The Domestics (hardcore punk) premiere music video for “Snuffed Out”

UK hardcore punk band The Domestics have premiered a music video for their fast and furious track “Snuffed Out” off the upcoming release “Cherry Blossom Life.” Pound a redbull and destroy your living room furniture to it below.

Frontman, James Domestic, talking about the new record, says:

“This really is the culmination of the six years that this band has existed and for the first time, rather than simply being a recording of all the new songs we had, it was actually written as an album. The flow and the dynamics of the whole thing was considered right from the start. I mean, in the main, it’s the fastest record we’ve made –but there are peaks and troughs. We’re not a one trick pony y’know?”

“Cherry Blossom Life” will be released on August 4th via TNS Records and stands as the third album from these East Anglian hardcore bruisers. This record sees them drawing evermore on their Japanese, Swedish and USHC influences, integrating them further into their already ferociously defined sound.

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