The Flatliners’ Holiday Fridge Fandangle

press_photo_nick_marianFat Wreck Chords punk rokkaz the Flatliners have initiated a rather odd but fun and potentially entertaining contest.  According to the band, here are the steps:

-Start following us on Twitter if you haven’t already (
-For all of those who refuse to use Twitter, just keep checking our MySpace status updates
-Get creative and take photos of your fridge packed with shit and post them on our Twitter or MySpace
-Please don’t send us the photos as messages on Twitter or Myspace – we want everyone to see this shit!!
-Follow these easy steps and I’ll keep updating our photos
-*Sidenote: I will be getting drunker and drunker as these updates happen over the next few days, so the photos will get worse and worse, BUT FUCK IT!

I’m really not positive what the prize will be, but at least participation isn’t too labor-intensive, so why the hell not?

The Flatliners recently released a 3-song EP, Cynics, on Fat Wreck and will be touring for a few shows in Canada in January before embarking on an Oz tour in March.  Check out the Dying Scene shows page for dates.

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