The Get Up Kids talk of a new album

The Get Up Kids have announced in a recent interview with Under The Gun that they may be releasing an album in the near(ish) future.

You can check out the statement below.

The band last released There Are Rules back in 2011.

One more question. What’s going on with The Get Up Kids?

JD: Planning some shows in the future. I think the Matt and James EP sparked a flame in The Get Up Kids to write some new stuff. We’re [Matt and James] actually working on a full-length this summer. I can’t sing, but I still write. I send songs from New York to Matt and he puts words to them. It sounds like Reggie, with Matt Pryor singing. Which kind of sounds like The Get Up Kids, but heavier.

Another Get Up Kids album then too?

JD: It’s in the talks. We don’t know yet. Everyone’s schedules are so busy. As you get older, it becomes the norm. We all have these separate lives, but yet we can come back together and do this, and act like no time has passed.

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