The Murderburgers finish writing and recording demos for new album

Scotland’s favorite pop-punk band The Murderburgers recently revealed they are hard at work on a new full-length album, and that the writing and demoing processes have been completed! Here’s what they had to say:

“We now have our new album fully written and demoed! Not sure when we will record it properly or when it’ll be out, so for the time being here’s a 15 second clip of a ginger small lady man shouting some bleak shit into a microphone. Thanks a lot to Ruaridh for drumming on the demos, and thanks a lot to Tommy at 16 Ohm Studio in Glasgow for an awesome time. Oh, and for all the coffee and caramel wafers. More news and shite coming soon!”

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more details on The Murderburgers’ new album come to light. The band’s last full-length These Are Only Problems was released in 2013 through Asian Man Records, and they have since put out a 60-song compilation titled Old Bullshit, Rare Bullshit, Previously Unreleased Bullshit & Live Bullshit.

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