The Murderburgers have van broken into, cancel remaining tour dates

Bad news from Scottish pop-punk group The Murderburgers this evening. Apparently, while in the midst of a European tour, the band’s van got broken into and a bunch of personal stuff, including passports, backpacks and more was taken. As a result, they’ve been forced to head home from tour a few days early. The remaining merch they  had on tour will be offered up on their Bandcamp page in order to help them recoup some costs.

Here’s the official statement from the band:


Sorry but we are going to have to head home a few days early from tour, so it’ll just be States & Empires doing the next 4 nights in Germany. The van was broken into before our show in Chemnitz last night. Backpacks, passports and other shit was taken, and now we have to get yet another window replaced and work out what to do. Sorry we missed the show last night in Chemnitz as well but we were stuck talking to the police for hours before having to drive to Rotterdam to get our shit together. We lost a shitload of money due to all this shit, so when we get home tomorrow our remaining t-shirts, LPs, 7” and CDs we had on tour will be going on sale via our Bandcamp, so if you want to pick something up then tomorrow would be a good time to do so and would be much appreciated!

On a brighter note, we have some pretty awesome news coming next week. Keep your beautiful eyes peeled. I’ll give you a clue. USA.

Keep an eye on that Bandcamp page and throw these dues a bone.

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