Album Review: The Octopussys – “Face The World”

When I first heard this album the first thought that came to mind was: “breath of fresh air”. The Octopussys have a sound that can easily be enjoyed by fans of a wider spectrum of music than just  the melodic punk rock genre, so if proper promo and advertising is done you could hear these boys on even bigger stages than they currently play on. And having shared the stage with fine acts such as I Against I, The Undeclinables, and Rentokill they are sure to have learned by simply observing those bands work their magic.

After releasing a split CD in 2009 with now defunct Belgian skate punk band State of Mine, the band took a solid year to record this debut full length, and boy,am I glad that they took the time for this one. De Studio strikes again on this recording as producer Dirk Miers brought out a thorough sound, while frontman Thibaut Hox’s voice captures the listener’s attention. Hox has a European accent mixed into his English that is very distinct and special in its own way.

To give you an idea of the band’s sound, you hear the usual heavy hitters like Lagwagon, TFP, Pulley but I see big resemblances to their fellow country men Five Days Off in terms of vocals and their smooth playing. In my opinion, I also place “Face the World” in my top 3 best euro melodic punk rock releases ever, along the lines of Undeclinable’s “Sound City Burning” – this album came to mind right away, no kidding.

On this album, the song that stands out for me is “Summer’s Gone” and having heard it countless times, it really is a feel good track and summer hit! And what I love about Thibaut is that even though songs deal with love and its setbacks at times, his voice makes the songs somehow shine bright with positive energy. The album’s title track, “Face the World”,  stands out with because of its chorus and if you don’t have a jolt of energy “Tonight” then you aren’t at the right party!

This is a must have album for fans of melodic punk rock, period. Do yourself a favour and buy it, and then you can fill-in this final paragraph for me.

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