The Offspring members talk to their fans

The Offspring fans from Europe recently conducted an exclusive interview with its members Dexter Holland and Noodles. You can check it out here.

In the interview, which is approximately 80 minutes long, The Offspring talk about the new music they like, their latest album Days Go By, songwriting, an unrelased track called “Pass Me By” (which they describe as an “Amazed”-type song), Dexter’s label Nitro, why Days Go By hasn’t been released on vinyl yet and were asked what happened to the video for “Turning Into You”, which had recently been shelved. Instead of “Turning Into You”, they want to do a video for “Slim Pickens”, the last song on Days Go By.

The Offspring also confirm in the interview that there will be a 20th anniversary tour in 2014 to commemorate the release of their iconic album Smash, and are even considering holographic versions of deceased rap legends 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. They even stated that they are now free agents, meaning that they have been dropped from Columbia, which has been their label since 1996, and are considering the possibility of releasing new material independently. Noodles is also considering the idea of The Offspring hosting their own festival, with bands like The Rolling Stones, Pennywise, NOFX and Dropkick Murphys on the bill.

The Offspring released their latest album Days Go By on Columbia Records in June of this year, and they appear to have another album in the works. We’ll keep you posted as more updates/details on their next album surface.


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