The Queers to re-record “Punk Rock Confidential” and “Beyond The Valley…”

The Queers are currently re-recording 2000’s Beyond The Valley… and they have plans to do the same with 1998’s Punk Rock Confidential and release it alongside a DVD of the recording session. Frontman Joe Queer says the band’s doing this because there’s no other way to re-release the albums they put out on Hopeless Records:

We’re re-recording Beyond The Valley and Punk Rock Confidential. BTV is almost done. Asian Man’s releasing it. We haven’t been paid a penny by Hopeless in 15. They say we owe them 5k after all this time. Total ripoff. So we said fuck it. We’re doing a DVD of the PRC session which will happen in a few months. BTV is way better than the original already.

We’ll keep you posted as more details on the re-recorded versions of Punk Rock Confidential and Beyond The Valley… come to light. The Queers’ latest album Back To The Basement was released in 2010 through Asian Man Records. They have since put out limited edition vinyl reissues of a number of their records.

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