Thumper Punk Records release benefit comp for Food For Life Ministry

Thumper Punk Records have released a compilation album to benefit the California based Food For Life Ministry. The good people at Thumper Punk had this to say:

Thumper Punk Records and Raven Faith Records are pleased to announce the release of the “Food For Life Ministry Benefit Compilation,” an album featuring new and previously unreleased hardcore, punk, acoustic and pop songs donated by 22 bands to raise money to support the efforts of the Food For Life Ministry ( Based in the Inland Empire (east of Los Angeles, California), Food For Life Ministry is committed to serving those in need with food and encouragement. Food For Life Ministry desires to care for the whole person, providing food for the body and nourishment for the soul.

The compilation features music from False Idle, No Lost Cause, and a bunch of others. You purchase it through the Thumper Punk web store, or you can download it right here.

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  • So if you believe that donating music to raise funds to help provide food for people in need is pointless, then I would say your a “dick”.

    If your calling “bullshit” on the ability to reconcile “faith/belief/church” with punk rock music that’s your opinion and your entitled to that. You are also entitled to believe that religion “is one of the root problems of life as we know it”

    I can only speak from my perspective. When I was unemployed for almost two years. I was desperate and very depressed. My faith was wavering as the walls closed in around me. It was a food bank like this that allowed me to stay somewhat positive and make it through to the other side.

    Humanity has needs regardless of your religious beliefs. We have to eat to continue to exist. The lack of sustenance can be directly linked to the lack of life. This would lead me to strongly disagree with your statement that “Free food will change fuck all”. In fact free food will provide nourishment and in turn lead to optimism or hope allowing one to endure and eventually become victorious over the hardships of life.

    God Bless
    Hippos of Doom

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