Tightwire sign to Red Scare Industries, announce debut album “Six Feet Deep”

Minnesotan punks Tightwire have just announced that they’ll be releasing their debut album “Six Feet Deep” through Red Scare Industries! According to the band regarding the new digs:

“We recorded the full record in our practice space using the cheapest recording gear imaginable and then handed it off to the great, Matt Allison. He made us sound like we totally know what we’re doing here. Thanks Matt!”

On the new addition to the family, Toby from Red Scare notes:

“So no shit, Erik from D4 texts me with a link to some music and I’m like, ‘Dammit, this is the 3rd demo today…’, then I listen and of course I love the shit out of the songs and feel like a real asshole all over again. But just to be clear, we don’t need any more submissions. We found the ONE good demo out there [laughs].” 

The album is expected to hit the public on October 19th which you can pre order here. Check out the track list below!

Six Feet Deep Track Listing:
1. Draggin’ Me
2. Six Feet Deep
3. Spell On Me
4. Guts
5. Pentagram Tattoo
6. Don’t Like To Lose
7. Told Ya
8. Hidden Planet
9. Simple Question
10. Body Language
11. Don’t Wanna Wait
12. Out of It
13. Closing Time

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